About us

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Grannie dues are $10 a year.

This is an invitation to all the grandmothers of the world to join in promoting solutions to end activities destructive to Mother Earth.

Here’s Why: Since the furnaces of the industrial revolution were ignited in the late 18th century, we have dumped more than a trillion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In May 2010 the US National Academies of Science reported that ‘Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and possess significant risks for… a broad range of human and natural systems.’

This is a bleak endowment, indeed, to future generations – our children and grandchildren. And their children and grandchildren.

How Does 100 Grannies Work?

10 Grannies form a team and choose a team name and a team leader.

10 teams form a chapter and chose a chapter name, usually based on location. The team leaders are the chapter board.

Ergo, 100 Grannies in a chapter.

When a chapter is filled in a location, the process starts over: a second chapter is begun by forming more teams and so on.

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