Grandparents Climate Action Day

100Grannies in DC.

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Dear Climate Friends and Partners
We are excited to send you our first promotional mailing for Grandparents Climate Action Day (GCAD)!  (This is also going to our partners who did not receive this when it was originally sent out.)

As a Partner Organization of Elders Climate Action, you have generously offered to promote this important event to help us reach as many elders as possible and to encourage them to join us in Washington, D.C. on September 9 & 10.

Below is our media kit, complete with everything you will need to help us promote GCAD.

Mobilizing the elders, our nation’s most powerful voting bloc is critical to tell our nation’s leaders to act now and take strong, definitive action on climate change.  The lives of our grandchildren and future generations depend on them.

That is why we need you… to help get the word out to your members and community, so that our voices can be heard loud and clear this September.  We ask that you publicize GCAD through:

  • Newsletters (electronic and paper)
  • Facebook and other social media sites
  • Blogs and websites
  • Public announcement at meetings and events
  • Any other means you have!

The GCAD media kit, available for download and use, includes:

We ask that you please include our event website ( in all materials, as this site has registration capability and information about the event, as well as the Facebook GCAD Event Page (

For any marketing questions, please contact me directly

If any of your members have questions about GCAD, please refer them to: Paul Severance

Please add me to your mailing list so that I can receive your publicity announcements/articles, I would greatly appreciate it and look forward to seeing what you create.

Thank you very much for your partnership in this effort.  Together we can restore the climate and create a livable planet for future generations!

Elders Climate Action

Elders Climate Action is a project of The Conscious Elders Network (CEN) a movement of vital elders, dedicated to growing in consciousness while actively addressing the demanding challenges facing our country.

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