October 2017 Film Festival


Listening to Mother Earth Through Film

Open to All Ages
Mondays, 10/2 – 10/23
6 – 8 PM in room 202, Johnson County Senior Center, Linn Street

What do you really know about the issues of climate change and global warming? 100Grannies.org for a Livable Future present four films for education and discussion this fall.

10/2: Origins
This beautiful film describes the development
of technology and how that development has
pulled us out of balance with nature. How can we
live a healthy life in the modern world without
poisoning the planet? The film attempts to
provide solutions.

10/9: Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock
The remarkable ongoing story that began
with the gathering of over 500 tribes and
multicultural allies in a peaceful resistance that
forever changed the fight for clean water, the
environment, and the future of the planet. A
must see!

10/16: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
How close are we to a real energy revolution?
This up-to-date documentary addresses the
progress now being made to tackle this major
global problem with incredible human ingenuity.

10/23: Seed: The Untold Story
In the last century 94% of our seed varieties have
disappeared. Biotech chemical companies control
a majority of the rest. Why is this important?
What can we do? The film provides some

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