Meeting Notes September 22, 2015

100GRANNIES MINUTES  September 22, 2015  Mary Beth Versgrove chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone. She asked us to introduce ourselves and tell what we were going to do on October 14th, Climate Action Day.


Our 100Grannies group has been asked to be the subject of a documentary film produced by three students in a film making class at the University. They will be attending some of our meetings and some events in which we’re involved and interviewing some of us in person. The result will be a 15 minute movie about the Grannies. It   should be fun and it could be useful. We’re looking forward to a fine end result.

Ann also told us about going to Des Moines to a Republican   presidential candidates forum. Ed Fallon had called on the Grannies   to attend and ask climate related questions. Miriam Kashia was also   there and a picture of her dressed as Rosie the Riveter was passed   around and put in our new “archives” box.

October 2 and 3 in Des Moines the Citizens for Community   Improvement celebrate their 40th anniversary. It will be a big deal   and they would like a lot of Grannies there. ALL are welcome,   members or not. William Barber (Moral Majority) and Jim Hightower   will be keynote speakers. For more information and registration – It will be a very educational two days.

The Grannies Film Series begins on Oct. 5 and runs for the next   three Mondays at 6pm at the Senior Center. Spread the word and   bring your friends. Flyers were passed out – please post these and   invite lots of friends! The dates, films and presenters are:

Oct 5 “Disruption” – Ann Christensen

Oct 12 “When the Water Tap Runs Dry” – Molly Stroh

Oct 19 “Standing On Higher Ground” — Dawn Jones

Oct 26 “Years of Living Dangerously” – Becky Ross


Iowa City City Council Candidate Environmental Forum


Environmental organizations including 100Grannies will be   sponsoring a forum for City Council candidates on Wednesday,   October 7, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers in Iowa   City. Candidates will answer questions focused on where city   government decisions will affect or impact the environment. All 100Gs   are encouraged to attend. Volunteers will be there with the 100G   banner and brochures.

Interest Survey 2015  Donna Rupp sent a report of returned surveys that Mary Beth shared.   Only 27 members returned surveys as of 9/2/15 and an additional 6   members indicated they chose “support without activism”. Redoing   the survey by mail with self- addressed stamped envelope for return   would cost about $102 for postage along (not including paper and   energy to compose/collate). Mary Beth circulated sign-up sheets for   each committee to those present, many of whom had not returned   surveys. She also provided 10 copies of the printed survey to   attendees at the meeting. A recommendation to call the non-  responders was made if we wanted input from them. Further   discussion by the Steering Committee is needed.  New member Jo Hensch suggested that all e-mails from 100G   include that identifier in the subject line so that people know the   content is from a 100G member whose name may not be   recognizable to the recipient

October 12: Community Forum on Climate Change sponsored by the   Sierra Club. There will be slides from Al Gore’s Climate Reality   project and local speakers will discuss actions Iowans can take to   lead to a successful Paris Conference in December and to influence   Presidential candidates.

National Day of Climate Action -10/14  Draft of day’s events was shared. Pieces are still TBA. Watch for   complete announcement via email early next week. We’d like all   100G members to support this day, by dropping by or working a short   shift at the table.

Seven local organizations are participating on planning and in the  day’s events, which include a Call-A-Thon to contact elected officials   about Clean Power Plan and Carbon Fee & Dividend, film screening   Merchants of Doubt, Lecture by Dr Peter Thorne, (Clean Power   Plan), Walking Sandwich sign by Miriam Kashia, Mourning Global   Warming Embroidery Project. Action takes place on Ped Mall 11-2   and Farmer’s Market 5-7, Lecture TBA.\

100G is invited to table at 11-2 and 5-7, but volunteers are needed   to staff the table. This is a great opportunity to set up a Snit In and   work on the Embroidery project.   Volunteers so far include: Marcia,   Margie, Ann, Chris, Jan B, Lynn, Deb.

October 17–Paul Cienfuegos will present his 3 hour introductory   workshop to Community Rights at the Coralville Library from 9-12.   We hope many of you will come; we are hoping for 85 people. We   also need women to serve as welcomers and provide some goodies   to go with coffee and tea.

In November we will also need people to help with serving lunch and   providing fruit and muffins in the morning for the 2 and 1/2 day   workshop on Nov.13,14.15.

An eight week session on Naomi Klein’s book, “This Changes   Everything” is being facilitated by Miriam Kashia. It starts Tuesday,   September 29. The class is filled! She may do it again at another   time if there is interest.


The Elders Climate Rally in Washington–Sept. 9 and 10 was a great   event. Thanks to Grannies Marsha, Becky R., Becky H., Jan S.,   Mary Beth V., Paula S., and Barbara S. We talked to Senators   Grassley and Earnst and had a wonderful time. Rep Loebsack was   very relaxed and open with us. We had some good responses and   hope to keep the lines of communication open.

BAG COMMITTEE REPORT  We are looking for alternatives to using plastic bags at the Crises   Center. They spend $1000 per year on plastic bags.   Any ideas?  New stenciled bags have been made by Donna Rupp. We plan to   use these as gifts for City Council members and our speakers at the   lecture series next spring.   We are working on setting up a meeting with the Director of the new   Dodge St. Hy Vee about alternative ways to handle plastic bags.  We are looking at a project called “Caps of Love”. A program that   buys bottle caps to recycle into decking, park benches, etc. The   money goes to buy wheel chairs for kids. Would you be willing to   collect plastic bottle caps and jar lids? We’ll get more information out   about this later. We thought it might be a good way to get school kids   involved and thinking about plastic and it might also be something   Goodwill employees could help us with. The lids need to be sorted   by recycling # before sending.   The New Pioneer Annual Meeting is coming up – October 24th from   noon -2:00 at 515 Kirkwood, Iowa City. Please come if you can. We   want to thank them for eliminating plastic bags!

DIET AND CLIMATE REPORT  We’ve decided to change our name to Diet and Climate.  Something to think about :  From Lester Brown (Earth Policy Institute founder)’s book World on   the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse    (recommend reading)  regarding food security   Food from more-distant locations boosts carbon emissions while   losing flavor and nutrition. A survey of food consumed in Iowa   showed conventional produce traveled on average 1,500 miles, not   including food imported from other countries. In contrast locally   grown produce traveled on average 56miles—a huge difference in   fuel use.   An American living high on the food chain with a diet heavy in   grain intensive livestock products, including red meat,   consumes twice as much grain as the average Italian and nearly   four times as much as the average Indian. Adopting a   Mediterranean diet can cut the grain footprint of Americans   roughly in half, reducing carbon emissions accordingly.   Cowspiracy is now available on Netflix.

Education Committee – no report

Treasury Report– $1386.52 in checking account

Next meeting October 27, 5:30 pm at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Next Steering Committee meeting Oct. 20 Place TBA

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