Meeting notes, October 27, 2015

Minutes for 100Grannies on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We welcomed 3 people who were attending for the first time, Marcia Akin, Helene Hembreiker and John Toerper, a friend of Miriam’s.


Children’s Storytime at the Iowa City Public Library will be at 10:30 on Thursday, November 5. All Grannies are invited to come and wear Grannie hats and buttons do join in! Will we feature the book Donna and Maureen have created! Special thanks to them for their lovely book!

Ann Christensen reminded us to write letters to the newspapers and library asking them not to sponsor the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at the ICPL. Here is the letter Ann sent:

“As a strong library supporter, it is seldom and always with reluctance that I complain about a library event.  However, I have to say that I was appalled to read in the Press Citizen that the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is being featured at the Iowa City Public Library on Oct. 28 and Nov. 1.  This announcement in the PC came there same day that the Gazette ran a warning from the World Health Organization:  Processed meat can cause cancer.  The lede to this article begins, “Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer in humans while red meat is also a likely cause of the disease….”

Not only are Oscar Mayer’s processed products dangerous to our health, they come from animals raised on CAFOs, confined animal feeding operations, also known as factory farms.  The library should not support either processed meats nor CAFOs.  I know the wienermobile sounds like a fun attraction for kids, but it gives the wrong message.   The WHO warning should give all meat eaters pause.  The last thing we need is libraries encouraging children and their parents to eat hot dogs and other processed meats.
Having the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at the library is nothing more than a corporation using ICPL for its own advancement.  I hope the library will continue its great resourcefulness in finding entertaining ways to teach children to value books and other materials, but at the same time keep in mind that this shouldn’t come at the expense of a healthy population while elevating corporate aggrandizement.”

Bakken Pipeline Witness is on Nov. 12 in Boone. This is very important! Mary Beth sent around a sign up sheet for Grannies who can attend this most important meeting. Paul Cienfueglos as parts of Community Rights Task Force is helping us to prepare for this witness. More information will becoming on transportation and accommodations. Contact Mary Beth Versgrove for more information.

Barbara asked that we all hold the Grannies who are going as our witness in our thoughts. She sent around a sign up sheet for an hour vigil. If you would like to be added to an hour contact Becky Hall, as Barbara will be out of town. Here is the list:

Wed. Eve Nov. 11: 6pm Roberta L. , 7pm Jan S. , 8pm Paula S.,

9pm Barbara S. , 10pm Helene H.

Thursday, Nov. 12, 6am Molly S., 7am Marcia A., 8am Jan B.,

9am Claudia B., 10am Katharine N., 11am Mary K.,  12 open,

1pm Kris, 2pm open, 3 pm open, 4 pm open, 5 pm open

Community Rights Task Force Symposium with Paul Cienfueglos is Nov. 13,14,15 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. A sign up sheet went around for participating and for helping with snacks. Please contact Dawn Jones if you would like more information.

We thank Dawn for all of her work on organizing this and the Oct. 17 program which was a great success! We are becoming empowered to take on the Bakken pipeline and whatever else we need to do with the goal of a livable future for our grandchildren!

On the eve of the UN-COP21 summit in Paris, there will be A GLOBAL CLIMATE MARCH action all over the world.  Miriam Kashia and Linda Quinn are organizing a local action to demonstrate to our national and world leaders that we are demanding immediate and comprehensive action on the climate crisis.  We are hoping to collaborate with many other local groups again. Contact Miriam ( if you are available to help make this happen.  Our plan is to make it “simple, visible, and huge!”

Polo-shirts for sale with Grannies logo and mission statement for $15. Contact Katharine  Nicholson ( if you would like to order one.

Winnebago Conference in the Amanas on May 13. They asked us to speak to their group. Please contact Becky Ross ( if you would like to help with this fun project.


Interest Survey, contact Donna Rupp ( if you would like to be added to the survey.

National Day of Climate Action 10/14/15, By Linda Quinn, event coordinator:    7 organizations worked together to put on our local event, part of a push nation-wide from People’s Climate Movement. Here in IC we showed great effort, 6 hours total…..but audience numbers seemed small. Miriam made the biggest splash waking all over town w/ sandwich board, gave out 300 handouts.   We had 3 different events- with several groups tabling at both Ped Mall & Farmers Market. Thank you to the dozen 100G members who worked for this event.


  • 25 letters to Gov Brandstad about Clean Power Plan

  • 30 calls to congress about Clean Power Plan.

  • 20 people watched Merchants of Doubt

  • 18 listed to lecture on Global Climate Change.

  •  100G tabled for 5 hours partnering with Mourning Global Warming embroidery project

  • Daily Iowa wrote good article about the event -10/14

  • Great cooperative effort with the local 7 organizations & one national (PCM)

Movie Series at Senior Center. Molly Stroh reported that it was a success even though there was some trouble with the new DVD system at the Center. There was also a bit lower attendance due to many other events going on in Iowa City. She had several attendees tell her how much they had learned from these movies. Thank you Molly for your hard work on this month long event! To see all four of our film festivals go to and hover over the tab “past events” and then “film festivals” and click on one of the four. Many of these are available at our library.

“This Changes Everything” eight week book study with Miriam. They completed their 5th week and due to the success and demand there will be another book study following this one. More information will be coming. Thank you Miriam for your dedication in educating us!

BAG COMMITTEE REPORT, October 27, 2015, Becky Ross.

North Dodge HyVee is ignoring our request for a meeting with them, but after the Community Rights Workshop Becky R talked with IC City Council member Susan Mims.  Susan said she is ready to work on eliminating plastic bags after the first of the year, so we decided to just let it go for now.


We would like to get more input about how we could help the Crises Center eliminate the use of $1000 worth of bags each year.  If you have ideas contact Becky Ross:


Mary K and Becky R attended the New Pi annual meeting to thank them for eliminating plastic bags and we donated 4 of our new stenciled bags for their door prizes.  Mary had just made them before coming to the meeting!


We will be giving out an environmental award to Aldi tomorrow, October 28 at 10 am.  We would love to have as many Grannies there as possible.  (This is a great opportunity for a picture in the paper. ) This award was given and a photo was sent to the Press Citizen.


The November award will go to Bandito’s.  The December award goes to the Johnson County Supervisors for all the good work they have been doing.

Diet and Climate, Claudia presented a moving report on the reasons to decrease meat products in our diet.

Education Committee- the March Lecture Series has been planned and includes dynamic speakers on a variety of topics that you will not want to miss! This series can be advertised, so get the word out to all! Here is the outline, but handouts will be at the next meeting:

March 7, Maureen McCue , Climate Change: Risks to Health Here, There and Everywhere.

March 14, Mary Skopek , Water Quality: What We All Need To Do To Improve Iowa’s Water.

March 21, Marc Franke and Pat Higby , Electric Cars: Save the Planet and Your Budget Too.

March 28, Sailesh Rao , If You Are Serious About Climate Change…

If you would like to introduce one of the speakers, please contact Becky Hall.

U of I Cinema Class is documenting the 100Grannies and will be presenting their final film project in Dec. Ann will keep us informed on the time and place.

Next meeting: We will have only one meeting in Nov. and Dec. it will be Tuesday Dec. 1 at Trinity. We will have stone soup, everyone will bring cut-up veggies for the soup pot plus either bread, cheese or desert. Donna Rupp will present slides and talk about her trip to African to see the big animals before they are gone. Hope to see everyone there for a wonderful end of the year event!

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