Meeting notes, May 27, 2015

100Grannies’ Minutes for May 26, 2015


Meeting Chair- Jan Stephan    Recording secretary- Becky Hall

The meeting opened with a special guest, educator Emily Schoerning who works for the National Center for Science Education.  The Center provides financial support for science education in the classroom. Emily is seeking teachers who could use monetary help for projects such as fieldtrips,  equipment, etc. The Center especially wants to support climate and evolution science, no strings attached. Emily requested that Grannies let any teachers they know, K-12, about this opportunity. Please connect them to  Emily,

Introductions: about 30 members attended; we introduced ourselves. Jan shared an update on Miriam’s interesting activities on the West Coast and that she would be home soon.

Ongoing projects and committees/Old Business-

Bag Committee- Becky Ross reported that many Grannies were present at the City Council meeting on May 19 to present the proposed resolution: “Because single use plastic bags threaten our environment by clogging waterways, polluting oceans, endangering wildlife, overburdening landfills and increasing our dependence on fossil fuels; we the Iowa City Council resolve to eliminate single use plastic bags by Earth Day, April 22, 2016.”  She asked that Grannies, especially those in Coralville and North Liberty, attend those city council meetings and present the Bag Proposal to their councils.  Contact Becky R. to volunteer for that.

The Bag Committee is working on the next actions: Deb Schoelerman wrote letters to HyVees and Fareways asking them to charge for plastic bags and encourage use of reusable; please fill out suggestion cards at HyVees. Next Environmental Awards go to: June- Fin and Feather, July- New Pioneer, Aug- Banditos, Sept- Aldi. Let Becky R. know if you have a business to recommend for this award.  Yotopia, first award winner, is prominently displaying the award in the store.  Dianne Dillon-Ridgely suggested that specific criteria for the awards be developed. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) stickers will be made for the Johnson Co. Fair.

River Call was a great success thanks to Maureen Arensdorf’s detailed lesson plan and Becky Ross’, Dawn Jones and Molly Stroh’s great help.  And thanks to those who helped on one of the two days. The lesson was on water pollution. Dawn videoed our activities and you can watch it at   Another activity we may do sometime s at Future plans are to use River Call water activities and environmental ooks at After School Programs.

Veggie 6 Committee- Lynn Gallagher shared her favorite daily menus of easy to make, yummy Vegan ideas. Their group plans to be active at any tables we may have at events. They are now on the website under Resources – Articles:

Education Committee- Becky Hall sent around the Global Village sign up sheet. We still need help on Sunday, June 7, on the Ped. Mall: two more Grannies on the 1:00-3:00 shift and one more on the 9:00-11:00 shift.  Reminders will go out to all who signed up. We are doing the Maldives Island Nation, the lowest country in the world. It’s beginning be submerged by rising oceans. We have several fun activities for children. If you have any tropical decorations we could borrow, please let Becky know at No interest was shown in having tables at Jazz Fest or Soul Fest by member vote.

October Film Series: Molly Stroh shared that we are still considering films, but need to have the names of choices to the Senior Center by June 15, to make the catalog deadline.  Dianne D-R recommended “What’s For Dinner,” which we will screen, if we can get it in time. The finished list will go to the steering committee for approval before it is sent in.

Democracy School:- Dawn reported that the last session was the 28th. Afterward the group discussed what to do with what we have learned. That information will be shared soon. Dawn recommended websites have information related to Democracy School:  WILPF’s study program,

POCLAD curriculum

International March against Monsanto: Mary Kirkpatrick reported that the March, one of about 400 worldwide, had a good turn out with many Grannies marching. The march was positive, educational and fun.

Governing Under the Influence Symposium: Dawn J. and Deborah Dee attended and had very positive comments.  Dawn shared websites for Going Deeper, and

“Sn’it In”-: Linda Quinn  said the next event will be on the Ped Mall outside Congressman Loebsack’s office. We try to have them the last Friday of the month from 1:00-3:00, which is May 29, this Friday! Linda will try to have two questions for passerbys to vote on. Bring your knitting (crocheting or other craft) and a chair if you can attend.

Climate Reality Project- Georgiane, Dianne and Miriam attended.  A third of the 300 attendees were from Iowa.  Our Grannies said they learned a lot.

Treasury Report- Becky Ross reported that we have a balance of $1,348. Please pay your yearly dues ($10 or more) if you haven’t.

Upcoming projects and /or New Business

Tar Sands Rally in Minneapolis- calling all Grannies! Please attend this important rally if possible! This is a 1.3 mile march on Saturday, June 6, against proposed pipelines throughout the Midwest (including Iowa). A bus will leave the Coral Ridge Mall at 6:00am and be back about 10:00pm. The cost is yet to be determined, but will probably be $40-50. Information is online at  Also, an anonymous donor would like to give a Grannie a complimentary bus trip to the rally in Minneapolis! Please call Ann Christenson, 319-337-0549, if you would like to take advantage of this offer. All information will be confidential.

Paul Doffing Concert- Linda Q. and Kris Johnson. It will be June 13 on the Pentacrest before the Saturday night outdoor movie. The Grannies are one of the sponsors and we passed a hat for donations. We matched the $? raised with a donation from the treasury.

Pridefest Parade- Linda Q. Passed around a sign up sheet and a number of Grannies will participate and play our kazoos! It is June 20 at College GreenPark through downtown, 45 minutes, starting at noon. Please join in!

Citizens Climate Lobby- Paula Sanchini asked us to all call Rep. Loebsack, Sen. Ernst and Sen. Grassley on June 22 or 23. Ask them to support the Fee and Dividend proposals. Leave your name and address.  Google Citizens Climate Lobby for complete information. This is very important!

July 4th Coralville Parade- Mary Beth promoted this as part of the People’s Coalition for Social, Political  and  Environmental Responsibility outreach (this group includes Veterans for Peace, Peace Iowa, Physicians for Social Responsibility and   Mary Beth passed around a sign up sheet, or you can call her at 319-621-7795 to say you’ll participate. arade begins at the Coralville McGregors/ Geiko parking lot at 10:00 for the two-mile stroll. We will have our Grannies banner and information to hand out.

Johnson County Fair- Mary Beth reported we are again joining the People’s Coalition as last year, but in a larger area. Send in items for raffle prize bags again. Pledge cards for BYOB, petitions against the Bakken pipeline, and plant based food information will be highlighted. A sign up sheet was passed around, but we need many more Grannies for the four day event July 27-30.

At 7:00 we adjourned. We will discuss the August 13 storytime at ICPL and Grandparents Climate Action Day in DC Sept. 9 and 10 at the June 23 meeting at Trinity at 5:30. Granny Chris Vinsonhaler will be the special presenter.

Please let me know of any additions or corrections. Respectfully submitted, Becky Hall

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