Meeting notes, March 24, 2015

100Grannies Meeting Minutes


5:30 at Trinity 320 E. College St.

Meeting was chaired by Becky H and Becky Ross, notes by Maureen Arensdorf

Group sang “ For She’s a Jolly Good Granny” for Barbara Schlachter accompanied by kazoos

Roll call – What’s your favorite sign of spring?


1. Lecture Series- Becky H

Finished last night. They were excellent. Thanks to all who helped

Changing months was discussed. The 2015 lecture series will be in March. The lecture speakers

for 2015 will be decided later.

Thanks to Becky Hall, Barbara Schlachter, and Molly Stroh for organizing, publishing fliers

and finding excellent speakers.

2. Bakeless Bake Sale—Jan Stephan

Becky Ross reported on money. Deposits of $113 and $141 were added to the treasury form

The Bakeless Bake Sale. This is almost exactly what will be needed to buy the Buried Sunshine

books for the Iowa City elementary schools.

3. Books for Elementary Schools –Deb Schoelerman

100 Grannies had decided to buy an environmental book for each elementary school in the

Iowa City Community School District. Denise Rehmke, Teacher Librarian Iowa City West

High School, Iowa City has been asked to order the book Buried Sunlight by Molly Bang and

Penny Chrisholm. Becky Ross wrote a check from 100Grannies’ account of $252.28 to pay for

17 books. 3 schools already have a copy of this book in their library. Nameplates will be put in

each book acknowledging the gift from 100Grannies. Deb Schoelerman will call the 3 schools

who already own a book and ask if they want a second one.

Jerry Schnoor recommended the book – Great Transition at the lecture on Monday evening.

It is by Lester Brown of the Earth Watch Institute

3. Bag Committee– Becky Ross and Committee

At the May 28 meeting, Pan Landgrebe showed a book, My Bag and Me, for lower grades. She

will work with a teacher friend to do a trial run with lower elementary students. Possibly

recipients for the Environmental Award were also discussed.

The committee is working on a resolution for city council to encourage them to move toward

banning single-use plastic bags by a specific date.

Jen Jordan has been supportive and has asked the 100Grannies to contact City Council IC

Directly. Encourage group to send emails.

4. Plant-based Diet Team—Katharine Nicholson , Pat Bowen, Jan Stephan, Claudia

Barber, Lynne Gallagher

Katharine brought back signs that had been displayed on Iowa City Buses. The group discussed

possible uses. We were encouraged to put in public places like Churches.

Jan passed around recipes that are vegetarian.

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church gave a talk about issue of environment and

included animal based foods as contributing to global warming. Also Cindy Spalding will have

a talk soon. Friday night Jen Jordan will have program on GMO’s at 7:00 at the ICPL.

5. Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition—Barbara Schlachter and Linda Quinn.

Linda Quinn made a presentation using our Bakken Pipeline information sheet.

Keep sending letters to IUB, just change wording

Jan. Stephen is on the No Bakken Communications committee. They are getting

signatures on a petition to send to Governor Branstad and the IUB.

April 15, at 7:00 Wally Taylor and Cheryl Valenta will speak about the actions to stop

the Bakken pipeline at the ICPL The Sierra Club sponsors this.

6. Snit In–March 27 at Old Capitol Mall 1:00 to 3:00. We will just sit and knit with a few

7. Prairie Preview Day report—Maureen

Prairie Preview XXXII “The Importance of Native Prairie”

Jim Kessler, Biology Professor, Iowa Valley Community College – Grinnell

Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.

The Celebration Farm
4696 Robin Woods Lane NE, Iowa City

The Prairie Preview program includes information and displays from local environmental

organizations and agencies.

It was suggested that Jim Kessler be invited to speak at the fall lecture series.

8. Energy in the Age of the Anthropocene–Becky H. and Ann Christenson,

Charles Mann pessimistic about future. Maybe 3rd world might be better off in the future

because they are already using fewer resources and have already made adaptations.

Lonnie Thompson – we can get more of our energy from wind.

8.Treasury Report–Becky Ross

$128 and $113 were deposited from the No Bake Bakesale campaign.

Becky wrote a check for Books for schools$252.28. Balance of $312.49 is still in account


April is Earth Month–Dues are due in April–$10 min., more if you can afford it. Make

checks out to 100Grannies.

1. Story time at the ICPL Thurs. April 9–Donna and Linda Quinn

Linda and Donna will read aloud to children the book Abbey and Grandma Go Green

2. Earth Day April 22 Activities—Barbara Schlachter

Book Talk at ICPL. There will be a discussion of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the

Climate by Naomi Klein. ICPL 11:30 to 1:30–Bring your lunch.

Snit-in outside Yotopia(frozen yogurt) on the Ped Mall 2:00 to 4:00. We will be outdoors.

100Grannies will have a table display in the evening at the ICPL before the movie

“Damnation” which begins at 7:00

3. Earth Hour Saturday March 28 8:30 to 9:30 pm Barbara began 2007

This is a hour when we are encouraged to turn off all electricity and observe the quiet. This is

practiced in many other parts of the globe and is sometime a time for neighbors to meet and

socialize without all the “modern” things we have become accustomed to.

4.Democracy School Miriam and Barbara

Starts Thurs. April 9 at 12 noon at Trinity Church in the library downstairs. A separate notice

with information will go out to all Grannies. A sign-up sheet was sent around and many

April 28 at Carol Christensen’s 5:30 pm Bring a dish to carry-in, preferably vegetarian or

vegan Poem or song to share.

Bring items which you have repurposed or recycled. Try to wear something that is recycled or

bought at second hand store. Directions and a map will be sent later. Carpooling is

We will be approving our by-laws and selecting two new Steering Committee

members. If you are interested in becoming part of the Steering Committee, please

let Barbara, Ann, Maureen, Becky, Becky, or Jan know. We’d rather have volunteers

than twist arms! Also dues!

6. May 23, Sat. Am march against Monsanto beginning at Farmers’ Market IC. More

7. River Call—Becky Ross

Grannies are asked to volunteer. We are also looking for new ideas for curriculum. Some ideas

8. April 8 or 15th 10:00 next meeting of University environmental coalition –Focusing

(Checking on number of BYOB buttons, may need to order more.)

9. Environmental Awards to businesses and restaurants–Maureen

Maureen had three proposed environmental awards printed for members to see. One version

for restaurants, one for stores and one generic one. The first one will be awarded to Yotopia on

the Ped Mall in Iowa City on Earth Day. We will also award one to The New Pioneer Coop

very soon and then other business periodically. Time frame will be discussed later.

10. A visit to the Capitol in Des Moines to meet with Mary Mascher and Bobby

Kaufman on the issue of eminent domain

A sign-up sheet was sent around the table and many signed up. We pick a date that is best

suited to those who wish to go in April or May while they are still in session.

11.Tour of Farmer’s Electric Cooperative in Kalona—Virginia Melroy

Ed. Flaherty. hasn’t gotten back to her. It will be scheduled later.

12.Paul Doffing Concert–June 13 Barbara and Chris J. co sponsored with PSR, the

Bike Library and Iowa City Climate Advocates

Cosponsor traveling troubadour. Comes in on his bike.

13.Table at Global Village June7th Sun 10-3 at Artfest.

Becky Hall will send in an application. Our country will be the Maldives, because it is an island

that is being affected seriously by the rise in the ocean level.

Becky Hall, Becky Ross, Jan Stephen, Maureen Arensdorf, and Carol Buchmiller will work on

a display and activities. Let Becky Hall know if you can help.

14. Johnson Co. Fair–July 27-30 Marybeth Versace is looking for planning committee

15. Time on Public Radio? Dianne will get back to us.

16, Iowa Shares—Paula Sanchini will get back to the group with the details later.

17. Grandparents Climate Action Day–Washington, DC September 10, Thursday

Barbara encouraged members to go.

18. Moral March in Washington when Pope comes in September.

19. October film series at the Sr. Center–Becky Hall

Becky asked for volunteers who might like to help or take over. Otherwise she will continue.

She also asked for ideas for movies that would be shown in our next film series which will be

in October 2015.

Next meeting: Grannies Third Annual Meeting–April 28–at Carol C’s–directions to

follow and carpooling encouraged–

Let me know if there is something that needs to be added or corrected

Maureen Arensdorf

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