Meeting notes, June 23, 2015

100Grannies Meeting  June 23, 2015 – MB Versgrove, recorder

WELCOME Grannies introduced themselves and shared one positive thing that is happening.   Many were delighted with Pope Francis’ recently released encyclical “On the Care of our Common   Home” released 6/18/15. Linda Quinn provided a link to a 2-minute fun take of the Pope on climate




1. Coralville 4thFest Parade (Mary Beth Versgrove) All Grannies were invited to join the fun   in the 4thFest parade on July 4. Nine grannies (& 1 grampy) joined as part of the Peace   Coalition entry. Wristbands and 100G info pamphlets were distributed to the thousands   lining the parade route on a beautiful, sunny Independence Day. The “Bag Cape” and Super   G cape were big hits with the crowd along with the ever popular Yahoo Drummers and   Steve Fugate’s fossil-free fuel powered pick-up which hauled an enthusiastic contingent of   the Peace Coalition.


2. Johnson County Fair (Mary Beth Versgrove) Volunteers are still need to help staff the   People’s Coalition booth at the Fair July 27-30. A sign-up sheet was circulated. Interested   Grannies may contact Mary Beth (319 621-7795). Donations are also still needed for the   daily raffle (a handmade cloth bag from 100G filled with sustainable items). Books, cloth   napkins, solar powered “any things” are needed. 100G will be promoting: Bakken   resistance, plant-based diets & factoids, Ban the Bag pledge cards, and distribute “Questions   for the Candidates” re: climate issues to share. Donna Rupp has built a sustainable “counter”   to use for the straw poll activity on tax dollar allocation that was so popular last year. A   conflict resolution workshop will be offered for fair volunteers on July 22nd at the Coralville   Library. Come join the fun and help us share what 100Grannies are about with Johnson   County residents at the Fair.


3. Iowa Kick-off (Paula Sanchini) Rob Hogg will be present for the party at the Cedar   Rapids Library on July 28th to initiate the Iowa chapter of and help take climate   revolution in the state to a new level. This group will help coordinate on-going efforts by   multiple environmental groups throughout the state. A website will act as a focal point for   environmental activities across the state. On August 15th there will be another meeting to   help with organizing events from individual communities. The event will be held at the   Toddville Recreation Center. Check the Iowa website for more details.


4. Storytime at the IC Public Library – August 13 (Linda Quinn) The last 100G Storytime   was held at the Coralville Library on Earth Day. On Thursday, August 13 from 10:30-11:00   100G will be at the ICPL. Volunteers (3-4) are needed for this activity. Contact Donna   Rupp ( to volunteer and help choose the books to be shared.


5. Grandparents Climate Action Day – Washington DC September 9/10 (Barbara   Schlachter) 100G will be one of the sponsoring groups for this event. A group of 100G is   considering going by train, leaving Mt. Pleasant Monday morning, Sept 7 arriving DC Sept 8   early afternoon. Cost would be $114.75 for value ticket (includes upper level reserved seat).   Options for longer stay may evolve; Claudia Barber is looking into reasonable   accommodations in DC. You may want to check out for more details and a great resource.


6. Bakken Pipeline (Linda Quinn) The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) has now distributed a   proposed timeline for the Bakken Pipeline proposal. The last date to file a petition or letter   is July 27, 2015. The IUB has indicated that the hearing on the pipeline will be sometime   between November 12 and December 2. Resistance to the pipeline continues despite the   fact that Energy Transport Partners has begun moving pipeline supplies into the state on   some properties where landowners have signed easement agreements. On June 5, the Iowa   House and Senate adjourned for the year without passing an eminent domain bill in either   1MB Versgrove, recorder  100Grannies Meeting  June 23, 2015  chamber.  Against it were the Association of Business and Industry (an influential group   with statehouse Republicans) and lobbyists representing various labor unions (who often   have the ear of Democratic lawmakers). Branstad’s 2010 campaign manager and longtime   chief of staff Jeff Boeyink is now lobbying on behalf of the Texas-based Energy Transfer   Partners,  Lawmakers have not over-ridden a Branstad veto during the last four years, and   there’s no reason to think they would start with this bill.  (Bleeding Heartland Community   Blog) If you have not registered an objection to this project, now is the time do so by writing   to the IUB.


7. NextGen Climate (Marcia Shaffer) The group met 6/17/15; grannies Marcia S. and Jan   Stephan attended with 30-40 other people. The group focused on the upcoming presidential   election and question for candidates re: climate change. Small groups (4) formed and talked   about various topics: Marcia’s group about writing good letters to the editor and Jan’s group   about connecting with other groups. Young people there seemed energetic and welcomed   100G for their cooperation. If you are interested in becoming involved with this effort,   contact Marcia or Jan please.


8. People’s Climate Movement – October 14, Local Day of Action (Barbara Schlachter)   Barbara will be working on this activity and anyone interested in helping may contact her   or watch for further development on how 100G will participate. Tom Carsner (sp?) Sierra   Club member has already been in touch with Barbara at the Pride Parade on this topic.


9. December Climate Talks in Paris (Barbara Schlachter) Keep this very important forum in   mind. While a road trip is unlikely, we will all be attentive to the discussion and outcome of   these talks. More as time goes on…


10. Inventory of members’ gifts and interests; Addition of new 100G Committees (Barbara   Schlachter) Watch your in-box for an e-mail that will soon be coming your way from the   Steering Committee (SC). Donna Rupp, a new SC member has volunteered to help update   and coordinate our Member Gifts inventory once we have received updated input from the   members. We need to engage everyone based upon your talents and interests. The SC also   decided at their last meeting to expand the number of 100G committees to include 3 new   committees: Communications/Graphics, Activism/Rallies/Legislation, and Speaker’s Bureau. This will be an opportunity for each and every granny to hop on the bandwagon   and become more involved if the current committees do not ‘trip your trigger’. We are doing   so much and need the help of each and every granny to avoid burnout.


GUEST SPEAKER Granny Chris Vinsonhaler  Chris addressed the group as a climate activist to inform us of a movement called REPRESENT US.   She and her companion Kevin Brown provide a hand-out comparing the average citizen’s   preferences and economic elites preferences re: climate policy change and the disenfranchisement   which has occurred. Please refer to the references she provided and consider supporting this   movement to help further their efforts.  Learn more at


and go to

to see our plan and join the Anti-Corruption   Movement. Click on “show more” to view our sources. 1. Gilens…  00:05:51   It’s all about REPRESENT.US

Here’s an overview of the problem from an environmental advocate:

And here’s more about the information about the two graphs I (Chris) presented:

And here’s the inspiring story of the bipartisan coalition that passed the anti-corruption   referendum in Tallahassee:




1. Bag Committee (Becky Ross) The committee presented a 100G Environmental Award to   Fin and Feather, Iowa City for their plastic bag policy which is to not automatically use a bag   for purchase. They instead give a nickel to IC Hospice for each person who does NOT use a   plastic bag. Becky also has distributed a form letter to members who have agreed to send it   to local Hy-Vee stores, asking them to start charging for plastic bags (hopefully encouraging   people to bring their own bags for groceries). The Bag Committee meets in the courtyard   outside Panera at the IC MarketPlace (Sycamore Street, formerly the Sycamore Mall).   Consult the 100G website for minutes and next meeting time.


2. Education Committee – Global Village (Becky Hall) This event was held on Sunday, June 7   as part of the Arts Festival and grannies who participated were overwhelmingly proud of   the activities that were organized and executed related to the Maldives. Jan Stephan created   a marvelous water activity where kids could ‘flood the Maldives’ seeing what the effect of   rising ocean levels would be for this remote chain of islands. Participants also could create a   ‘wish’ necklace from beads and a shell, construct a Maldives flag, and inspect various pieces   of coral using hand magnifying glasses. Other resources including a DVD “The Island   President” and books were available. Parents were as engaged as kids in this project. Kudos!  Film Series (Molly Stroh) The 100G Environmental Film Series & Discussions has been   scheduled for October 2015 at The Center. Molly reviewed the documentaries that would be   presented on Monday evenings in October and asked for volunteer grannies to introduce   and lead the discussion for each date. Please consider whether you would be willing to do   this; there are two opportunities still available: October 5 Disruption and October 19   Standing on Sacred Ground. The October 12 film When the Water Tap Runs Dry will be   introduced and moderated by Molly and October 26 Years of Living Dangerously will be   Becky Ross. Thanks to all who provided input and assistance on getting this schedule put   together. This series has become a perennial fall favorite in our community and stimulates   much needed discussion on environmental issues.


3. Veggie 6 Committee (Katharine Nicholson for Pat Bowen) Katharine shared the following   with members: (factoid – Want to save the world? Start by ditching meat. Bloomberg)  From recent Bloomberg Businessweek article: “More than two-thirds of all   agricultural land is used for animal pasture, with an additional 10 percent used to   grow feed grains consumed by meat- and dairy-producing animals. Agriculture   overall consumes about 70 percent of the world’s fresh water; a third of it goes to   grow feed grain.”  Vegetarian Community event – Saturday, July 18th 4:30 p.m. Bring a plant-based (vegan)   dish to share and a bottle of wine. Call Carol Throckmorton (319) 337-3030 to reserve a   spot and get directions to the home of Carolyn, Bob, Lisa, & Gina Howe on their acreage near   the Reservoir.   3MB Versgrove, recorder  100Grannies Meeting  June 23, 2015


4. Democracy School (and Beyond) (Dawn Jones) The Democracy School (DS) committee   has been meeting regularly to plan the next step in this educational process. All Grannies   should have received an e-mail with links to sample audio and/or video recordings by   Thomas Linzey, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) founder and   featured in DS programs, as well as Paul Cienfuegos who does similar environmental work   with community basis. Two times were scheduled for any Granny who did not do DS either   in part or whole, or is interested in participating in a discussion about our next step in   bringing one of these speakers to Iowa City in the fall 2015. The objective in previewing   these speakers is to make a determination of which might be a better match for a 3-hour   workshop on community rights with like-minded groups such as the Johnson County Board   of Supervisors and other local environmental or climate activist groups. Listening sessions   are scheduled for Saturday, June 27 and July 11 from 9:00 a.m. to noon at Trinity   Library (or narthex). Audio presentations will be followed by discussion; bring a sack lunch   (or a break to go to Bread Garden may be provided).   Thomas Linzey   Some of us have watched the 8 video program from CELF as   Miriam suggested.  That URL is .    Thomas Linzey is featured in those videos.  There is an audio interview with him   and Derrick Jensen here – 052415/ .  This is a YouTube video (  ) of Thomas who starts   speaking at 5:30.     Paul Cienfuegos   On Youtube there is a good series starting with .  The audio we will be listening   to is available at  .  If you can, please come to one of the two “listenings” of the Paul Cienfuegos pre-  recorded 3 hour workshop. (from Dawn Jones 6.23.15)  Please contact Dawn ( if you have questions regarding the session on   July 11th.


5. S’nit In – June 26 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. (Linda Quinn) This activity was planned for the Ped   Mall outside Congressman Loebsack’s office. All are invited to attend.




1. Tar Sands Rally in Minneapolis, MN (Mary Beth Versgrove) Grannies Becky Ross, Jan   Stephan, and Mary Beth Versgrove and Grampies John Christenson and Perry Ross marched   along with about 5000 others against pipeline and fossil fuel infrastructure projects that   would accelerate development of the tar sands oil fields in Canada. Great speakers   addressed the marchers assembled at the State Capitol including Winona LaDuke and Bill   McKibben. A strong contingent of indigenous women was among those leading the march   seeking justice for their native lands and water. They defiantly pledged that they would   resist further insults to Mother Earth and their homeland. “We must own the fact that the   Midwest is ground zero for the climate fight as the prime entry point for tar sands into the   US” according to Bill McKibben.


2. TTP Vote (Barbara Schlachter) Barbara asked us to please take time to thank Congressman   Loebsack for not once, but twice voting AGAINST TTP.   4MB Versgrove, recorder  100Grannies Meeting  June 23, 2015


3. Paul Doffing Concert (Barbara Schlachter) The concert was moved indoors due to the   weather. It was enjoyable for those who went.


4. PrideFest Parade (Linda Quinn) The debut of the 100G Kazoo Band was made against a   strong wind, but complemented by chants from Grannies who marched. Cheers were heard   for Donna Rupp’s “bag cape” which was worn by Linda and captured on film by Press   Citizen reporters. Marchers carried “Climate Justice” signs made by Linda as we made our   presence known to the community yet again.


5. Citizen Climate Lobby Call-in Days (Paula Sanchini) Grannies were reminded to call their   Iowa Senators and Congressmen in DC any day this week through June 25 in support of   Citizens’ Climate Lobby carbon fee and dividend proposal and other actions to address   climate change. Phone numbers had been e-mailed to 100G for the entire Iowa delegation   from Senator Rob Hogg on June 22nd.


6. Treasurer’s Report (Becky Ross) We have approximately $1400 in our treasury. Anyone   having bills should get them to Becky for payment.


NEXT 100G MEETING: TUESDAY, JULY 28 at 5:30 p.m. Trinity Episcopal Church (narthex).   Next STEERING COMMITTEE Meeting is July 21, 10:00 a.m.- noon at Mary Beth Versgrove’s –   Let us know if you are interested in attending. Call Mary Beth (319) 621-7795 for directions.

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