Meeting notes, January 29, 2015

100Grannies’ Minutes for January 29, 2015

Meeting Chair- Barbara Schlachter
Recording secretary- Becky Hall

Introductions: Barbara asked us to share a sign of Hope!
Martha Schut shared two great pieces:  (see below)
1. A summary of an interview with David Hinton and our place in the cosmos.
2. For Sten Gustafson Thulin.

Old Business-

Bakeless Bake Sale-  Mary Beth showed us the nice gift cards that are now available for purchase. Volunteers are needed to sell these before each lecture starting this Monday. We voted to use the profits to purchase environmental books for the Iowa City School Districts’19 Elementary Schools.

February Lecture Series Flyers were passed out. The following Grannies are introducing lecturers:
Carol Buchmiller-Jerald Schnoor, “Sustainable Systems”, Feb. 2;  6:30
Carol Christensen-Connie Mutel,”Writing Climate Change” Feb. 9, 6:00
Virginia Melroy-Miriam Kashia,”My March for Climate Action”, Feb. 23
Maureen Arensdorf-Ferman Milster,”The U of I Biomass Fuel Project”, March 2, 6:00
Lynn Gallagher- Cindy Spading, March 9, 6:00

Plant Based Diet Team (aka Veggie – Com Six)- this new committee educating us on the impact of our food choices on the methane emitted into the atmosphere and animal rights issues. Katharine Nicholson reported that Jen Jordan from the City Recycling Center has okayed putting posters on the city buses. These posters were designed by Maureen Arensdorf. The posters say, “Reduce your carbon footprint… One plant-based meal at a time.” Lynn Gallagher and Pat Bowen are posting vegan options on our website. They are also encouraging local restaurants to offer more vegan options.
Fact- CO2 emissions, 18% from animal products, 14% from the transportation industry. The DVD, Cowspiracy, is being circulated, please watch and pass on.

Solar Fair- Mary Mascher and Deb Schoelerman are still working on an informational presentation of solar energy, one presentation for the Grannies and one for the public. The dates to be announced.

“Snit In” for January was held at the Coralridge Mall on January 30. Maureen A, Linda Q and the Beckys talked with many people as they voted on two questions: Do you believe that the Bakken and Keystone pipelines will be harmful to our water and soil? And do you believe that the foods we eat affect climate change? Linda Quinn’s idea of voting really changed our Snit In! We had great discussions and hardly ever sat down! We may even have a field trip offer to a local CAFO!

Bakken pipeline resistance coalition report- Barbara S. was proud to report that the group was the first on the list of coalition groups!
Linda Quinn reported that the legislator group cited 3 main objections: eminent domain, insurance $ for clean up and environmental impact. She also sent letters to the Iowa Audubon and Iowa Ornithological association and found they are concerned about migration routes and waterways.
Jan Stephan reported that the communication group encourages everyone to contact the Iowa Utility Board, IUB, to send their objections to the pipeline. For ideas on why the pipeline is bad for Iowa, go to   To submit your objections go to  or send a letter to the Iowa Utility Board, 1375 E. Court Avenue,
Room 69, Des Moines, Iowa, 50319-0069


CCI Lobby Day
Mary Beth, Linda Quinn, Pat Bowen, Jan Stephan and Ann Christenson attended. Mary Beth reported that CCI is definitely worth joining. They had a very good day with an opening address, good break out sessions and a rally in the rotunda. Discussions were on water contamination, eminent domain and that the hearings for the Bakken pipeline will last weeks.

Treasury Report by Becky Ross
$755.14  then  subtract $250 voted to support the Bakken Oil Summit and subtract $60 for Bakeless Gift Certificates.

Bag committee, Becky Ross reported that she and Mary K. Are going to meet with the New Pi people about a new plastic bag policy. New Pi is thinking of eliminating plastic bags! The committee is waiting to see where the city goes from here on the next step of the 3 part plan on plastic bags. Becky is also planning a bag cutting and sewing day and looking at some other locations that have sewing machines.

New Business

Global Divestment Day- Friday, February 13, 12:00-3:00 at the Old Capital Mall near East entrance. WE NEED EVERYONE THERE! We will have an information table and petition for U of I divestment. Hopefully we will have kazoos to use and giveaway. Wear orange or orange ribbons! Linda Quinn will bring flags to embroider. Linda, Becky and Maureen will help set up the table at 11:30. Please join us!

Regional Bakken Oil Summit- February 21-22, Madison, Wisconsin.
We voted to donate $250 to this event to help defray travel costs for the excellent speakers- Ed Fallon from Iowa; Winona LaDuke from Minnesota; Jane Kleeb from Nebraska; Beth Wallace from Michigan.
We need to send some members from 100Grannies!

Prairie Preview- Thursday, March 12 at the Celebration Barn.
( formerly held at Parkview Church and always had a huge attendance)
Many environmental groups will be represented. This is a good opportunity to sign up new members.
Maureen Arensdorf is heading the planning and has a sign up sheet for help. We will set up a table and share information. Jim Kessler is the main speaker.

Library Project- Grannies would like to read environmental books once a month during the local libraries children’s story time. Casey Lambert at the Iowa City library has story time for 30 minutes on Thursday morning  with pre schoolers. Sara Glenn has a Saturday morning story time with a wide range of ages. Becky H will work to set up times and activities with the libraries, hopefully to start in April and continuing once a month. Nancy Ross and Linda Quinn have offered to help with story times. Please let Becky H know if you would also like to help.

Democracy School- this is an online program designed to be prepare communities for future needs. We will meet eight Thursdays starting Thursday, April 9, 12:00-1:00 at Trinity. This is one of the 2 actions Miriam has asked us to do. Bring your lunch! Miriam will introduce the first presentation of the eight. Each session will include a 20 minute video presentation then a discussion.

Earth Day, April 22, 11:30-1:30, book discussion at the Iowa City Public Library on, This Changes Every Thing, by Naomi Klein. This book is the other action Miriam asked us to do. Please join us!

The 100Grannies 3rd Anniversary Celebration will be at Carol Christenson’s again on April 28. Put this event on your calendar now, you don’t want to miss it! Thank you Carol for hosting and sharing your beautiful, environmentally friendly home!

Sponsoring concert- June 13,  Paul Doffing is a singer from Ames. He is “Biking Around Iowa” this summer to raise money for environmental projects. He needs a venue in Iowa City on that date. Chris Vinsonhaler will work on this project. More information will be coming.

Kalona field trip – Ed Flaherty will lead a fieldtrips to the largest solar farm in Iowa. It is a 4 1/2 acre farm near Frytown and can power 120 homes. Virginia Melroy will help with this.

River Landing Elementary School Fieldtrip Activities- this is the 3rd year that the Grannies have been part of these fieldtrips which are
May 19 & 20. Volunteers are needed to help with elementary school fieldtrips, 12:00-2:15 each day, Hills Elementary 4th grade and Mark Twain Elementary Schools. There will be 4 groups each day for 30 minutes each. We need to plan activities. Donna Rupp, retired fourth grade teacher, will be asked to help plan activities.

March 10, at the Englert, Dr. Vandana Shiva, noted Indian feminist, environmental activist and author, will be speaking.

Next meeting is Tuesday, February 24, 5:30 at Trinity.

Barbara Schlachter shared with us that she would like our prayers and positive thoughts as she goes through some health issues. 100 plus Grannie prayers should get some attention! We will all be praying for her. Bless you Barbara.

Please let me know of any changes, mistakes or additions,
respectfully submitted, Becky Hall


A summary of an interview with David Hinton and our place in the cosmos – Martha Schut

– January 30, 2015

I am honored to give poetic input to the Grannies meetings. I am a beginner in this effort. Much

of my poetry is about the earth in one way or another although not always specifically.

An interview with David Hinton in the January 2015 Sun Magazine helps me understand our

place in the universe, the world, our nation, and Iowa. Hinton studies and translates ancient

Chinese poetry and speaks of Chinese spirituality as

“inhabiting this world as fully as possible…the wisdom of the Chinese culture comes from the

natural world… from our older selves. Paleolithic hunter-gatherers weren’t locked into dualistic

thinking….the word nature wouldn’t have made sense to them, because it assumes a fundamental

distinction between human and non human…when we look at something we are the cosmos

seeing itself, when we feel something we are the cosmos feeling itself. When we know

something we are the cosmos knowing itself….and it is not just with us. Any animal with an eye

is the cosmos looking at itself…. It seems to me that, once you recognize yourself as a part of

nature, then you won’t have an uncaring attitude toward the environment…whatever you do to

the earth, you do to yourself”

for Sten Gustaf Thulin

the US goes through an estimated 100 billion a year

consuming an estimated 12 million barrels of oil to make them,

for an average of 20 minutes of use,

discarded they take 1000 years to rot

small pieces are ingested by marine animals

found on beaches by small children

cause flooding in Manila and Bangladesh

Mobil Oil ran with it in the 1970s

a market for their fossil-fuel-derived by-product, polyethylene

oh swede, did you know what you were doing when you invented

that first plastic bag in 1962?

Martha Schut

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