Meeting notes, February 24, 2015

100Grannies minutes – Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jan Stephan lead the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves.  We had one new member present.


Becky Hall reported on Global Divestment Day at Old Capitol Mall. We had to pay $25 for a permit to have a table. The OC Corp number is 338-7858 for next time. We were not allowed to have a petition inside the mall. Rick Sanborn with Citizens Climate Lobby from Anamosa helped with the outside petition. The Physicians for Social Responsibility had a table with us. Maureen McCue and Kyle Laws had people sign a letter and cards to mail to the White House. The other table was Iowa Climate Advocates and Sarita Zaleha, who brought her embroidered flags to work on. She said she would bring these to any event. We had about 10 Grannies present. Linda Quinn made a poster to get opinions about divestment. We got 53 signatures to send to President Sally Mason’s office. Thanks to all who helped! Hope you had a fulfilling, yet fun time.

Jan Stephan reported that Jen Jordan asked if we would like to co-sponsor the showing of Cowspiracy on Friday, March 13th at the Iowa City Public Library.  We will have a table and a little time to talk about our efforts to help people eat lower on the food chain.

Becky Hall reported that Miriam’s lecture on Feb 23rd was wonderful.  The remaining lectures are:

March 2, 6:00 

Maureen Arensdorf will introduce Ferman Milster, “The U of I Biomass Fuel Project”

March 9, 6:00

Lynn Gallagher will introduce Cindy Spading, “The Impact of Food on the Environment”

March 23, 6:30

Carol Buchmiller will introduce Jerald Schnoor, “Sustainable Systems”

Mary Beth Versgrove reported that after offering our bakeless baked goods with certificates at two of the Grannies lectures, we have collected $110. With three lectures remaining, all Grannies can help promote this fundraising activity by telling their friends, who may be attending, that proceeds from the bake sale will be used to purchase educational materials (books primarily) for the Iowa City School District libraries. Anyone wishing to purchase a certificate may contact Mary Beth Versgrove (319-621-7795) between lectures if they need a special gift for giving which will promote our environmental education efforts.

Barbara S reported that Deb Schoelerman has asked the ICCSD Media specialist to recommend a book that we could donate to each elementary school.  The media specialist recommends “Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed the Earth.”  Two of those books were passed around – they look wonderful.

Becky R reported that the bag committee will be meeting on a monthly basis.  They are concentrated their efforts in 3 directions: Public, Retailers, and Government.  They will be working with the UI Environmental Coalition students on a Reusable Bag campaign on April 8 in the ped mall.  Becky sent out an email to all the people who signed the pledge to refuse single use plastic bags last fall to see how they had done.  The committee is working on “100Grannies approved” certificates to give to retail businesses that are trying hard to eliminate plastic bags and other plastic items.  They are also planning on going back to an MPOJC meeting to ask them to adopt a resolution to pass on to the city councils in Johnson County.

Plant-based Diet Team–“Veggiecom 6” have their laminated posters on the city buses.  The signs will come down soon and we will get them back.  We may use them in other displays.

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coaltion and Pipeline Summit in Madison was attended by Miriam, Becky, Becky, Paula, and Barbara, Feb 21 & 22.  This was centered on learning strategies to resist the Bakken and other pipelines in the Midwest and making connections with other groups. There were some great speakers and we learned a lot, and as always it’s so good to be with others who are working hard on these issues.  Ed Fallon, who organized and marched in The Great March for Climate Action, will be marching the proposed Bakken pipeline route, starting very soon. Linda Quinn agreed to contact him and see what 100Grannies can do to support him in this action.  Please write letters to the newspapers about the Bakken pipeline.

Next S’nit in is Feb. 27–Coral Ridge Mall 1 to 3 pm between Penney’s and Younkers.  Come join us!  Jan S invited the Prairie Yarn Over knitting group to join us, too. Knitting is not our main mission, so if you don’t knit or crochet come for the conversation.  Wear green, granny hat, button.  We will have a couple of questions on an easel for people to answer by placing a sticker under a yes or no.

Becky Ross reported that we have $456.42 in our checking account.  If you have bills, please let Becky R know.


Barbara S told us about a symposium we might be interested in: Energy in the Age of the Anthropcene at the Oberman Center March 5-7. You can find more information at: ;

Becky Hall sent around a sign up sheet for the Prairie Preview Day, March 12. This year it’s being held at the Celebration Farm. We need more Grannies to help at this event.  Let Maureen Arensdorf know if you can be there.

Becky H also reported for Donna R that Donna had met with ICPL and we are going to do the story time on Thursday, April 9th.  She will be talking to Coralville Library this week. If this is the kind of thing you would enjoy, please contact Donna Rupp or Becky Hall.  This group would need to meet in March to decide exactly what they would be doing – could be reading stories, learning rhymes, finger plays, etc.

Democracy School is a series that Miriam K recommended that we all try to attend.  It is a series of 8 – 20 minutes video programs.  Miriam will lead the first one on April 9th at Trinity Episcopal library, noon – 1:00 pm.  Bring a friend and a brown bag lunch.  If you can’t make it every week, you can do it online yourself, but it should be more interesting to have some discussion time.

Earth Day, April 22 –book discussion of “This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klein, co-sponsored by Jen Jordan and Eco-Iowa City at the IC Library 11:30 to 1:30.  Read this book and join in on the discussion.

100Grannies Annual Meeting–April 28 at Carol Christensen’s.  Please bring a vegetarian dish to share. Remember that dues are due!  ($10 or MORE!) The steering committee has been working on by-laws that we will vote on at this gathering. Two members of the current steering committee will be going off, so we will need two new people.  If you are interested, please let one of the current members know.  Members are:  Becky Ross, Becky Hall, Maureen Arensdorf, Jan Stephan, Ann Christenson.  Barbara Schlachter will be out of commission for a short time, but we are confident she will be back on her feet soon.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

We have been invited to River Call–May 19 and 20.  This is a field trip for Mark Twain and Hills 4th graders.  We will have one of the learning stations they rotate through from noon till about 2:15 each day.  Becky R has ordered a book with curriculum that might give us some ideas for new things to do.  This will be our third year at this event.  If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Becky Ross.  We could use 4-5 grannies each day.

Tour of Farmers’ Electric Cooperative in Solon–Virginia N.  More information to come.

Paul Doffing Concert – June 13 co-sponsored with Eco-Iowa, Sierra Club, Iowa City Climate Advocates.  Jen Jordan is working with Paul.

2015 Johnson County Fair –

The People’s Coalition for Social, Political, & Environmental Responsibility includes four organizations: Iowa Chapter Physicians for Social Responsibility, Veterans for Peace Chapter 161, Peace Iowa, and 100 Grannies. Representatives met to discuss plans for the 2015 fair, which will be held July 27-30 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. It was decided to reserve a double booth (10 ft x 16 ft) in the same location as last year. The cost will be $100 per group. Mary Beth asked for approval of this expense. Funding of the activity was approved. A volunteer form was circulated to solicit names/e-mails/phone numbers of those wanting to be on a committee to plan activities. Interested Grannies may contact Mary Beth or 319-621-7795). This activity is a great opportunity for outreach to the entire county, particularly those with agricultural interests and generally draws attendance from families (multi-generational). You are encouraged to share any thoughts related to how we may best represent the Grannies’ interests at this event.

Connie Mutel and Liz Christiansen have suggested we should try to get some time on public radio for climate change. Diane Dillon-Ridgley agreed to work on this.

Iowa Shares wants us! This is an organization that could help us with eligibility for grant money if we needed it.  Paula Sanchini will contact Sandy Vopalka , Affiliate Representative, ACLU of Iowa.

Becky Hall will work on September Film Series and get information to the Senior Center.  We discussed either films about GMOs or using the “Years of Living Dangerously” series that we own.  She will need help with getting this organized.  If you have ideas for films and/or time to help, please get in touch with Becky Hall.

Next meeting March 24, 5:30 pm at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Respectfully submitted.

Becky Ross

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