Meeting Notes August 25, 2015

100Grannies Minutes, August 25, 2015About 20 attended including 2 new members, Jo Hensch and Pat McGee. Welcome!

Becky Ross began by reading our mission statement:
“To educate, advocate and agitate for renewable energies, pure water, clean air, and a healthy environment for future generations.”
S’nit In, this Friday, August  28,1 to 3  outside IC New Pi. An environmental award will be presented and 100Grannies green bags will be given out to customers without reusable bags. We plan to have our BYOB pledge cards there for people to sign. 1:30 is the 100G Environmental Award presentation and we’d like many grannies for photo op.  Bring needle work- or not & just come to chat.  Help celebrate NP’s new no-plastic bags policy.  Bring a chair if you’d like & wear hat & button.

Move It, Dig It, Do It, at the Iowa Childrens Museum on Sunday, September 20, from 12-4. We will be using the Environscape from the River Call event. We have 4 Grannies signed up to help, Kristy Medo, Jo Hensch, Pat McGee and Becky Hall, but we need more. Maybe the Grumpies involved in water quality would like to help!? Please contact Becky Hall if you can help either from 12-2 or 2-4 on the 20th. Email

Dream Center- Linda Quinn
New committee comprised of Becky Hall, Dawn Jones & Linda Quinn, is getting involved at the Dream Center (611 Southgate Ave, IC).  At the center, African American youth &  families receive advocacy, support, education & community connections. Director Fred Newell suggested 100G start by meeting in Sept (date TBA) with youth leaders to discover how they might like to get involved in climate change issues, and later participate in Dream Center’s Sept open house (date TBA).  This committee needs more help from other grannies, as the work takes shape TBD.  Please consider joining!


Anna Swanson, a filmmaker and graduate instructor in the Cinematic Arts Department at The University of Iowa is teaching an undergraduate film production course this fall and next spring for which she is seeking 100G participation as a community partner.  Small groups of students (3) will “work with community partners to create “a public good (likely a film) that meets an organizational need(s) while providing an invaluable learning experience for the students”.

The partnership may result in a video to organize people around a cause, or to explore a major issue of concern/interest.  A nonfiction film may serve not only as art or entertainment, but as a tool for education, activism, or empowerment. The students will supply access to creative media solutions and expertise, while the community partner supplies authentic projects; both learn from each other in the process. It is hoped that “together they do meaningful work together and deepen a connection between the wider community and the UI students.”

As a community partner, members of 100G would provide:

1. An initial presentation about the organization the first week of September (class meets T/Th 9:30 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.);

2. Working collaboratively so the student team is able to observe what is of interest to them, meeting every couple of weeks;
3. Attending a final screening and celebration in December when students present the final product.
The 100G Steering Committee has met with Anna and would like to be a community partner. With approval of the members, we are anxious to begin this collaborative project. Ann Christenson is planning to attend the class next week. Interested individuals should contact anyone on the Steering Committee to be part of the adventure into film.    Mary Beth Versgrove​

We have reserved Coralville Public Library’s Schaub Auditorium for Paul Cienfuegos’s 3-hour workshop Saturday October 17.  Registration and coffee will be from 8:30 to 9:00 and the program will run from 9 to noon. Ann Christianson is applying for a grant to defray the cost of Paul’s travel and fee. The 3-day workshop will be November 13-15.  Put these dates on your calendar!

Elders Climate Action Day–Washington DC Sept. 9 and 10— 6 Grannies are going at this time leaving on the 7th. Please check Elders Climate website for details. Email anyone on the Steering Committee if you want more information or are interested in going.

CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND and how does it work?  Paula Sanchini gave an excellent presentation on this topic. This is the main focus of the CCL, Citizens Climate Lobby. Bill McKibben calls it the last best chance to divert a catastrophic climate future. Paula gave us a very informational hand out. The Grannies going to the Elders Climate Action in DC will be talking to our congress people, Loebsack, Ernst and Grassley, on the 10th about carbon fee and dividend.

People’s Climate Movement-

People’s Climate movement is promoting a national day of cation on 10/14.  The idea is for people- wherever they are that day- to have conversations and take actions on climate change.  We hope to end the day with a candlelight vigil.  100G Planning meeting to take place at ICPL 9/2 from 7PM to 8:30.  Other local groups have been invited to join in planning session.  4 grannies are working this project, but welcome more help; just show up or contact:  Linda Quinn  319-330-3328.

Possible 100Grannies meeting with Hillary? Mary Mascher gave us a factsheet of Hillary Clinton’s vision for renewable energy. No meeting with Hillary is set at this time.

Candidates forum – 100G CO-SPONSOR 2 FORUMS

ICCSD School Board Candidate Forum: Beyond iPads or IPM: Sustainability and STEM in our Schools

Tuesday, September 1, 2015  6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Coralville Public Library, Schwab Auditorium

Sponsors: Ecopolis, Backyard Abundance, New Pi Soilmates and Farm to School, New Pioneer Coop (snacks), and 100Grannies for a Livable Future

“A coalition with special interest in promoting safe and sustainable landscaping around our schools who have invested in a brighter and healthier future for our children invite School Board Candidates to discuss opportunities to be leaders in bringing STEM, ecology, and a sustainability focus more actively to our schools.”

Advance questions for the candidates may be submitted to Geoffrey Lauer ( by 8/28/15. 100G attendance is encourage for public engagement at the event. Wear your hat/button!

IC City Council Candidates Environmental Forum

Wednesday, October 7, 2015  7:00 p.m.

Emma Harvat Hall, IC City Hall, 410 E. Washington Street, Iowa City

Sponsors:  Environmental Advocates, Iowa Sierra Club, 100Grannies for a Livable Future

The forum is continuing to evolve. A contact or point person is needed for 100G to continue the planning process. Tasks remaining to complete include soliciting questions, inviting the candidates, and helping on the night of the event. Interested individuals should contact a member of the Steering Committee. Questions may be directed to the Steering Committee for use on the night of the forum. 100G attendance for public engagement at the event is encouraged. Wear your hat/button!

Mary Beth


Johnson County Fair 2015 Summary

Twenty Grannies and 1 Grampy volunteer for 30 shifts at the 2015 JC Fair. Three new Grannies joined us and 5 did more than 1 shift. Katharine Nicholson volunteered each of the 4 days at the Fair!  Sixty-five percent of the 100G volunteers provided feedback on their experience, including 5 volunteers who worked more than 1 day during the week. Here are some other notable stats from their comments:

  1. About half reported that they learned about the other 3 groups who make up the Peace Coalition for Social, Political, Environmental Responsibility, (Peace Coalition): Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility, Veterans for Peace Chapter 161, and PEACE Iowa.
  2. 70% respondents had FUN or thought their experience was “OK”.
  3. The same percentage thought 100GSHOULD participate again next year.
  4. 62% felt there was “too much information” to share in the booth.
  5. About 100G having their own booth in 2016, equal numbers said YES and NO (15%), but over twice as many said MAYBE (38.5%).

Expenses for the 2015 were $200 for 100G: half that amount was for the booth/shared printing and half was printing by 100G committees for materials that their committees will continue to use.

Straw Poll, a.k.a. Corn Counter activity, results were tabulated by Ann Christenson and shared in an editorial in the Iowa City Press Citizen on August 14, 2015. Almost 900 people participated in the poll (3516 kernels of corn over 4 days). Education was a clear winner among voters at 27% with Environment a strong second at 18.5%. Veterans’ Benefits and Healthcare were virtually tied for third with 15% each. Economic Development including jobs (10.7%), Military (8.5%), and Diplomacy including nuclear disarmament (5.3%) finished in the lower places.

When compared to the ACTUAL 2014 federal tax expenditures (provided in percent), the disparities were remarkable to fairgoers who were able to see disconnect between how they felt their federal taxes should be spent and what has been the reality. This activity was given an overwhelming 77% victory as what volunteers thought “went well”. There was not doubt that it drew people to the Peace Coalition booth and gave them food for thought if nothing else.

Kudos go to 100G Donna Rupp for designing and creating the “Corn Counter” almost exclusively out of recycled/reused materials. Thank you to all 100G volunteers who helped us bring our mission of educating, advocating, and agitating for a healthy, sustainable environment now and for the future to the 2015 JC Fair!

Mary Beth

Storytime at Iowa City Library – Donna Rupp reported that she, Jan Blake and Becky H presented an Earth Heroes storytime with capes and masks. Donna made very cool Earth Hero stickers for the 50 children that attended. The next storytime is November 5 with a theme of Thankfulness. Please email Donna, Jan B or Becky H if you would like to help with this storytime. We need songs, poems and stories for preschool age children.

Inventory of members gifts and interests and addition of several new committees. Donna R continues to get information from old  and new members. Mary Kirkpatrick got won the prize from Donna for getting her information in.  Donna drew a name out of a hat and the prize was a beautiful plaque that Donna had made from repurposed materials that said, “Live Thoughtfully”.


Bag Commitee–Becky R., Mary K

After the picture of this award presentation is in the Press-Citizen we plan to meet with the Dodge Street HyVee store Director to talk to him about eliminating single use plastic bags.  They are very proud of all the green things they have done with this new store.

We are in the process of contacting people who signed the BYOB pledge cards at the fair.  We have received some comments back about how they are doing and what has worked for them.

We also talked about talking to city council candidates about the bag  issue.  We will be making a few more of our bags to give out to city council candidates with some information about why we need to eliminate them.

Education Committee–Becky H

Film Series flyers were handed out.

Now working  on March Lecture series. 3 lecturers are now scheduled, Mary Skopek, March 7 on Water Quality and Sailesh Rao author of Carbon Darma on land use for March 28. Mary Kirkpatrick recommended a lecture on electric cars with Marc Franke and Patricia Higby. They have agreed to present and the date is to be determined.

Diet & Climate (new name for Veggie 6 Committee)–Marcia Schaffer recommended 2 books that she uses: Tofu 1,2,3 and Vegan Planet. She reminded us that vegans vary in their choices of foods too.

Miriam Kashia reminded Grannies about her 8 week book study on This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. We are to call her at 319-459-1154 if we would like to participate. She is working on a venue and times. It will begin in late September.


Treasury Report  BeckyR

The latest bank statement balance is $1625.59

Outstanding check to Paul Cienfuegos for $221.60

Check book balance is 1403.99

At the Iowa River with the kids

Next meeting

Next meeting is September 22 at Trinity Church, 320 E. College St. at 5:30 p.m.

Next Steering Committee meeting  September 15 at the home of Becky Ross.  Let us know if you would like to attend. Steering Committee: Becky Hall, Becky Ross, Donna Rupp, Barbara Schlachter, Jan Stephan, Mary Beth Versgrove


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