Meeting notes, October 28, 2014

Following introductions and check-in which included frequent travel for many, Ann provided some information about carbon off-sets for travel. She will forward more information at a later date.

Note: see for complete information. We’ve used it for years. ~Ann

Maureen provided updates and suggestions for more efficient communication among members. Problems adding new members to the list, phone calls going to voice mail and issues with member being out of town and not getting/needing the message. Discussion about using only emails and using phone calls to those who do not have or use emails followed and there seemed to be consensus with this plan. Gay will take on the responsibility of calling the 7 members who do not have email.

The bakeless bake sale committee reported a collection of $75 and the plan to continue to put the jar and poster out at the S’nit Ins and other events. Plans are being made to provide ‘thank you’ cards for those who participate as well as gift cards for the holidays.

Members shared perceptions of several recent events. The consensus seemed to be that political candidates are not addressing climate issues. A good report was provided about the Renewable energy Symposium with good debate issues.

A resignation from Lynn Gallagher’s was presented and possible compromises were discussed. We hate to see her leave the group. She provides important information about the contribution of animal production to the problem of climate change. It was proposed that we create a committee similar to the bag committee to address and keep us aware of these issues. Katharine and Claudia would like to serve on this committee. Ann will talk with Lynn about the proposal and returning to the group.

Lynn’s letter:

October 28, 2014 

Dear 100 Grannies,

As some of you know, I have been frustrated by the Grannies’ limited interest in moving toward veganism in personal lives as well as in outreach.

When the Grannies’ speech at the Ped Mall on the day of the climate march included “we must do everything we can to stop climate change”, I expected behavior to follow rhetoric.  I think you are all somewhat aware that reducing meat, dairy and eggs is one of the things an individual can do to have the most impact on limiting climate change.

I was disappointed at the limited attendance at “Cowspiracy”.  Because of this and other things I have mentioned, I have decided to leave the Grannies group.  If there are individuals that are serious about moving toward veganism and are looking for resources, etc feel free to contact me at or call me at 319-624-6203.

I appreciate what the Grannies are doing and I know there are many aspects to trying to stop climate change.  I just feel like I can’t be part of the group if the members don’t embrace change in diet as a significant issue.

I will be happy to be an advisor/consultant/resource for anyone interested.  Please take a minute to read and to watch (Jane Goodall).


Lynn Gallagher

p.s.      –A traditional gourmet vegan Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Chef David Burt will be held Saturday, November 15 at 6 pm in Channing Hall. Reservations are required by November 14 at or 337-3030. Menu and pricing information will be sent as soon as available. Let’s support the Johnson County Food Bank by bringing contributions (non-perishable food items or monetary contributions).

Two new members were introduced and welcomed. They are Linda Quinn and Jan Holland.

Becky Hall reported that we have $300-$400 in the treasury.

Maureen reminded of the S’nit In at Coral Ridge Mall on 10/31 from 1PM-3PM in front of Barnes and Noble.

Becky Hall updated us on the many activities coming up in November for BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) week.

11/15 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at City Carton 10am-noon

11/15 Simplicity Fair at east Side Recycling 1pm-4pm

11/17 BYOB North doge Hy Vee 4pm-6pm

11/18 Documentary: Bag It ICPL room A 6pm-8pm

11/19 BYOB east side recycling Center 3pm-5pm

11/20 BYOB North Doge HyVee 4pm-6pm

11/21 BYOB east Side recycling 3pm-5pm

A sign up sheet was circulated for volunteers.

Multiple other actions are planned. Including:

Display at ICPL

Pledge cards not to use single use plastic bags

Media release

City Proclamation

Bus Posters

radio talk shows

Many thanks go to Jen Jordan and her staff for their hard work in coordinating and planning this week.

Ann encouraged as many of us as can attend the MPO meeting on 11/19 to show support for the bag initiative.

We were also reminded of the People’s Climate March celebration to be held 11/12. It will be at one of the libraries but more info will be provided later.

Mary and Deb hope to present their research and info about home solar installations at our December meeting. Mary encouraged us all to get behind legislative agendas that address climate change.

Our next meeting will be Dec 2 at Trinity.(Combined Nov/Dec meeting to adjust for the holidays)

Respectfully submitted, Jan Stephen

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