Meeting notes, March 25, 2014

from Barbara Schlacter:

Good morning, Grannies!
We had a well attended gathering (3/25/14) with a full agenda.  Three Grannies left to go to the North Liberty City Council meeting and you have received a report from them.   Grannies never give up!
So much was discussed that I am going to focus on upcoming action items. 
First though, thanks to Jan B., Pat B, and Cheryl B. for their tabling at the Prairieview Preview and Donna R and Jan S for the exhibit at the Coralville library, which is a fantastic exhibit.  Leave it to the teachers and the artists!  If you haven’t been, it will only be there until Monday.  Also thanks to Jan S, Becky R and spouse Perry, Maureen A and spouse Nick, Ann C’s spouse John, Barbara S’ spouse Mel who participated in the Readers Theatre “Protect our Parks: Pass it On”and to Becky H for her photography and Ann C for her providing a more local context that evening.
The monthly “Snit-In” is tomorrow–Friday–at the Sycamore Mall near Panera’s from 1 to 3.  Bring your handiwork or just have a cup of coffee with the group.
Dues are due in April unless you joined in Jan., Feb., or March.  Those who pay their dues in April receive a beautiful card of the Guardians with these words from Diana Ackerman: 
 “…I swear I will not dishonor my soul with hatred, but offer myself humbly as a guardian of nature, as a healer of misery, as a messenger of wonder, as an architect of peace.” 
Checks should be made out to Trinity Church with 100 Grannies in the memo line and mailed to Carol Dollman at Trinity Church, 320 E. College St., Iowa City 52240.  Dues are $10 unless you would like to give more. You can bring your checks to the anniversary celebration to receive your card in person. And if you would like to come off the Grannies list, this is the month to let us know.
Sign-ups were passed around: Be in touch with Becky H if you can help with any of the following:
March 29–This Sat from 10 to 12 at the Sycamore Mall–an “Eco-Fair” Grannies are needed to engage with children with bags and other activities.
April 19–Green Earth Family Fair at Old Brick from 1 to 4.  Grannies are needed to bring and read environmentally based stories to children.
April 25–This is our own effort:  “Litter Red Riding Hood “at the Children’s Museum at  the Coral Ridge mall.  We need Grannies from 5:30 to 7:30.  If you can only do one hour of this it would be fine.  We are going to do the play on their stage 2x.
April 26–Grannies sponsored “Sing for the Climate–Spirit Fest for Mother Earth.”  We will be teaching the climate song–go to Youtube if you haven’t learned it yet or be sure to come to the Grannies 2nd anniv. celebration, which will be our final practice time.  The Jr. Jazzercisers will offer “Reduce, Reuse, Recyle,” and the Family Folk Machine will hold our singing together and present a mini-concert.  This will be at 2 pm.  Come and have lunch at the Food Court and bring your grandkids.This is an event for which we would like all Grannies present.  Strength in numbers!
April 21–“Mourning Warming Quilt”–a hands on opportunity to help heal Mother Earth.  Sarita Zaleha will share her quilt project, similar to that of the Aids Quilt.  We are invited to help embroider or quilt.  Bring embroidery hoops if you have them, with your name on them.  This will be at 7 pm at Trinity.
April 22–Reusuable Bag Campaign–Grannies in collaboration with UI Environmental Coalition.  This is 11 to 3 at the Pedmall.  We will be asking for volunteers at a later time.
Grannies 2nd Anniversary Celebration on April 22
Directions to Carol Christenson’s will be sent closer to the date.  Right now:  put it on your calendar, think about who might like to join the Granny effort and invite them.  Plan what you might like to share (or not) in the way of a song or poem.  And, we will be having a “fashion show” about what the well-dressed Granny might wear to the market–aka her bag out fit.  We anticipate this will be a fun event.  Bring a dish to share, possibly vegetarian, and wine or other beverage.  We will end with a few Dances of Universal Peace.  We will start at 5:30 but go later than our ususal 7:00.
We have not yet heard from Congressman Loebsack about the invitation the Earth Month Planning Coalition have extended to him to speak to us during this week, when Congress is in recess.
We have been invited to a lecture at 3:30 on Thurs. April 10 in 304 English-Philosophy Building.  It is by Stephanie LeMenager, Moore Professor of Literature and the Environment, University of Oregon.  Her talk is based on her recently published book “Living Oil: Petroleum Culture in the American Century.”  A smaller gathering will be at the Obermann Center on Friday April 11 10-12.  Let Barbara Eckstein know if you would like to attend this and she will send you the chapters of the book that will be discussed.
Film Series:  We would like to have another film series at the Sr. Center this fall.  If you have a suggestion for a film, please give it to Becky H.  If you would be willing to coordinate the series, please also let her know.  You could do this from your own home, no leg work required.  We need to have films lined up and information to Michelle at the Sr. Center by June 15.
Keystone Pipeline–The New CIA — Cowboy Indian Alliance rides to DC for a last demonstration April 27.  Is anyone available to go?
May 27–Grannies meeting–special guest State Rep Mary Masher
Mary K is suggesting to the Univ. Lecture committee that the Grannies would like James Hansen to come to lecture.
I may have missed some important items.  Please let me know!
Peace, Joy, and Resolve

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