Meeting Notes, June 24, 2014

100Grannies Agenda & Notes, June 24, 2014

Ann Christenson will chair in the absence of Barbara Schlachter

Litany and Climate Song Because of the length of the agenda, these were waived.

Old business:

Reports on Optimists & Jewish Sisterhood talks Becky R. & Jan S. reported a good brunch

meeting with the group at Blackstone’s. One member joined 100Grannies on the spot.

Betsy R. & Ann F. reported on a not-as-good meeting with the Optimists. Nine members were

present. We learned to ask to have questions held until the end because the discussion got

hung up on the plastic bag issue and took up valuable time. Although the script of the power

point had been considerably shortened, we found it is still too long. Maureen and Becky H.

offered to work on this with Ann.

CAFO hearing Grannies made a good showing at the Supervisors’ hearing – seven in all and

several spoke. Just before the meeting was to start, the applicant withdrew. Because the crowd

wanted to go ahead with the hearing, the Board acquiesced.

At this point, Maureen requested a chance to report on the plastic bag survey that a few

Grannies have been conducting of stores in Sycamore Mall and several other places. For the

most part the response has been very positive. Once the survey is completed at Coralville

Mall, we will generate publicity about the results.

Great March for Climate preparations—Jan A coalition of groups is working on housing and

feeding the marchers when they come through. Aug. 19 there will be a gathering at the

Coralville Library. There will be a potluck dinner at the UU Church on Aug. 20. It was

felt that letting the Marchers have breakfasts in the homes where they stay might be more

amenable than trying to have group breakfasts and it would give the Marchers a chance for

little more sleep. Jan was going to take that suggestion to the committee.

Gay reported that she had talked with Miriam recently and learned that she is down to a size

10 in clothing but is in good health and spirits.

County Fair Booth—Ann The coalition committee for a county fair booth – Veterans for

Peace, Peace Iowa, Physicians for Social Responsibility and 100Grannies – has met twice at the

Coralville Library. The second meeting was a mock setup to see exactly how tables and items

would fit into an 8’x10’ booth. Becky R., Becky H. and Mary Beth V. also came to provide

input. It’s going to be a tight little space. The booth will be in Building B at the fair grounds.

Bags to be raffled each day –Becky Ross Becky and her bag committee will provide bags to be

raffled during each shift. These will be filled with items representative of the four coalition


Giveaway items: Brochures

put in the bags – both are green with black lettering: “There is No Planet B” and “Live

Simply and carry a shopping bag.” Marta will pursue other possible options as well.

Bumper Stickers–Marta Carson Marta had samples of bumper stickers to be

July Snit-in: Possible at the Fair? –Maureen After some discussion, it was agreed that the July

Snit’in would be held at the fair on Monday, July 21, from 1:00-3:00.

Becky Hall brought up another item of old business, the film series. She and Molly S. reported

that we did get Mondays again – Sept. 8. 15 , 22, &29 – at 6:00 in the Senior Center.

New business:

Marching with the Fair booth environmental coalition in the Coralville July 4 parade. The Grannies

will join our County Fair coalition comrades to participate in the Coralville Parade. [later

info: Our entry is #81. Assembly is in the Geico parking lot. Participants should be there by

9:30; parade starts at 10AM.]

Need for more volunteers to help at the two Stuff locations, Saturday, July 5 from 10-1. Molly, Jan,

Becky R. & Gay volunteered to take shifts. Stuff is taking collections for

at both locations for the whole month of July. If you shop at Stuff, you get a discount for

contributing to us! Two lifesize ‘Grannies’ made by Jan S., Rachel and Jane, will make their

debuts at the Stuff event. We discussed possibly donating part of the Stuff proceeds to the

Climate Marchers.

Need speakers for Morning Rotary on Tuesday, August 12, next to Lensings on Kirkwood ave.

for 20 minutes. Want to include information about the Marchers coming thru the following week.

Maureen & Becky H. volunteered.

Mary Mascher asked if we could provide a speaker for an Altrusa meeting Sept. 9 at 5:00 at

the University Club. We accepted the invitation with the speaker(s) to be determined later.

Climate Rally in NYC Sept. 20-21—Barbara is working on getting places to stay Ann said that she

& spouse are tentatively planning on going and encouraged others. Dianne D-R will be there

to speak at a women’s forum.

A sheet of paper was passed around to sign up for the fair and also for anyone wanting

business cards ordered. Five more volunteered for the Fair and five ordered cards.

Dianne Dillon-Ridgely’s report on an important action the Center for International Law (CIEL),

Greenpeace Int. and Friends of the Earth are doing together. Dianne is chair of the board of CIEL

and has an insider’s view. Although our time was up, everyone stayed to hear about Dianne’s

amazing work.

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