Meeting notes, July 22, 2014

Notes from Granny meeting, July 22, 2014

 Following the litany and climate song each member introduced herself with a comment on what place affected by climate change would mean the most to her.
Barbara S announced that August 26, date of Grannies next meeting, is Women’s Equality Day.
Maureen A. offered green shirts @3 and granny hats @$20.  The shirts came from a sale at Zephyr.
Barbara spoke about our nearly empty treasury caused by printing costs and more buttons.  Claudia B proposed that the Grannies hold an “Unbake Sale,” where people would donate the amount of money they would spend preparing for a traditional bake sale, thus saving time, cost, and energy in baking and selling and in consuming calories.  The idea was greeted enthusiastically.  Claudia, Pat B and Martha S volunteered to work on planning the Unbake Sale.
Katharine N told how she saves the plastic bags that her newspapers come in and then returns them to the carrier to use again.  This keeps the bags out of the environment and saves the carrier money.  Becky R. demonstrated her ‘bag of bags’ she’s put together to answer the common question, “Without plastic bags, how will I pick up dog poop?”  She has assembled alternatives, such as bread wrappers, cereal box liners, and produce bags.
Ann C reported on the County Fair Coalition Booth Grannies are sharing with Veterans for Peace, Peace Iowa, and Physicians for Social Responsibility.  With two days to go shifts were proceeding as scheduled, those at the meeting who had worked a shift reported few problems and everyone agreed that the booth is too small.  Ann was thanked for her excellent organizational work.
Jan S reported on the Great March for Climate which will be coming through Coralville/Iowa City on Aug. 19 & 20.  Jan is in charge of housing the marchers and is arranging beds for 53 people, although exact numbers won’t be known until they arrive.  There will be two pot luck suppers, the first at the Coralville Public Library.   The Grannies will be among groups that will set up educational tables for viewing.  The second will be at either the Iowa City Public Library or the Unitarian Universalist Church.  Again, Grannies will have an information table.  The public is invited to both events for a chance to meet the marchers and hear about their experiences.
The marchers will march into Iowa City on Rt. 6 and be welcomed at the Ped Mall.  They will also be at the Wed. eve Farmers Market at Chauncy Swan ramp before the pot luck supper.  Final details will be sent closer to the time of arrival.
Maureen reported that the S’nitters who spent an afternoon at the Fair had a good time, a nice place in the shade and attracted some attention.  The next S’nit-in will be Aug. 29, 1:00-3:00 p.m. by Loebsack’s office on the Ped Mall.
Becky H and Molly S said that the Film Series is in good shape. 
Sept. 8YERT, Your Environmental Road Trip:  Called to action by a planet in crisis, three friends hit the road, with hope and humor in search of breakthrough solutions to humanity’s greatest environmental challenges in this award winning documentary.  Becky H will moderate.
Sept. 15  The Age of Stupid: A novel approach to environmental documentaries.  A future archisvist looks at old footage from 2008 and asks, “Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?”  A moderator is still needed.
Sept. 22  The Great Squeeze:  Surviving the Human Project: Explores our current ecological and economic crises stemming from our dependence on cheap and abundant energy.  Faced with challenges, can we find a path to a better future?  The film offers some answers.  Paula S will moderate.
Sept. 29  Green Fire: Iowa born environmentalist Aldo Leopold inspires us!  His land ethic philsophy lives on in the work of organizations all over the country and the world.  Molly S will moderate.
All films are Monday evenings at 6 pm at the Senior Center.   There is no charge; bring friends.
Barbara talked about the People’s Climate March at the United Nations Sept. 21.  Would it be possible for people who are not going to NYC to rally in Des Moines?  Pat B and Barbara will work with other statewide groups to determine whether this is a possibility.  Ann said she and her husband tentatively are planning to go and Paula said she might also.  Sept. 21 is International Peace Day and is just before the Climate Summit at the UN on Sept. 23.
Dianne D-R talked about WEDO (Women’s Environment and Devleopment Organization) Women’s Mobilizing Meeting for the People’s Climate March July 24 wtiha  follow-up national call on Tues. July 29 at 11:30 am EST.  She encouraged everyone to visit
Brief discussions were held on the Bakken Pipeline that is planned to cut diagnonally through Iowa and how we can combat it, on asking the EPA to enforce the Clean Water Act, and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) buttons that Maureen is working on; and on the fund raiser through Stuff.  Gay M has set up an account (#38134) whereby anny Granny donations to Stuff will reap a small amount for when sold.
Notes done by Ann C. and Barbara S.

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