Meeting notes, January 28, 2014

Dear Grannies,

If you haven’t seen the Press Citizen today, take a look at the front page.  Miriam is featured and is almost life-sized!  They gave her and the march great coverage.  Wow!  (More than Obama for the State of the Union address we might add.)
While you are looking at the PC–yesterday Andy Douglas had a very enlightening piece on the Opinion page about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  If you haven’t contacted Loebsack, Harkin and Grassley, it is time.
We had a great meeting on Tues. night; 20 Grannies put on their Big Girl long-johns and came out with Spirit!  We started with our litany of commitment and then sang the Song for the Climate, then went around and had everyone share what was on their hearts about climate change right now.  It was fantastic.  Later we heard “The Real Fake Johnny Cash” sing a song about coal trains to the tune of “Folsom Prison.”  Chris Vinsonhaler is practicing to become The Real Fake Real Fake Johnny Cash and do this song for Earth Day.
Here are some notes that will be helpful, hopefully to both those who were there and those who weren’t.
We have $433.41 in our treasury! 
Becky Hall reported on the Learning by Lecture which starts this Monday at 6:00 to 7:30 in Room 202 at the Senior Center.  Please invite friends and neighbors; it is a wonderful program.
February 3–“Climate Change in the Midwest” by Liz Maas, Kirkwood Professor
February 10–“Connecting the dots: food, forests, climate change” by H.S. Udaykumar
February 24–“Saving the Planet:changing to Non-carbon Energy Sources” by Michael Garvin
March 3–“A Call to Climate Action–America’s New National Purpose” by Senator Rob Hogg
For a description of each event, please go to the Grannies website.
There will be a Grannies “Snit-in” on the last Friday of each month–the first is tomorrow Friday Jan. 31 from 1-3 at Old Capital Mall–bring your handwork or just come and chat over a cup of coffee.  We are making a witness.
The Bag Committee has been doing an awesome job–Becky Ross reported that the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization for Johnson Co.) is recommending a phase out of single use plastic bags and that this may well spread into Johnson County, too. Hurray for Becky and the “Bag Ladies!” She and the other “Bag Ladies” invite all Grannies to show up to sew bags on Wed. Feb. 5 from 10-3.  Come and sew or cut bags for as long or as little as you can.  This is at the First Presbyterian Church.
Becky also suggested that those of you who belong to churches might want to challenge your church members to give up single use plastic bags for Lent.
Maureen revealed her great photoshopped “Why These Grannies Are Off their Rockers,” which will now become standard display material for the Grannies.  It is a wonderful piece of work that took a lot of patience.  Many thanks to Maureen.
Maureen is also putting together a phone tree so that we can have quick phone response to items about which we may wish to mobilize grannies quickly.  We are missing phone numbers for some of you, which is slowing this down a bit.  If you are one of them, please send your number to Barbara.
The Prairieview Preview at Park View Church will be March 13.  Pat Bowen, Carol Christiansen, Jan Blake, and Claudia Barber have volunteered to staff our Grannies table.  This is a great environmental fair held every year; lots of great resources and always a superb speaker.  More details later.
Second Anniversary of the Grannies’ Founding is April 22 and will be held as a carry-in supper at Carol Christensen’s.  This will start at 5:30 and go later than our usual time since we will be meeting and celebrating!
Earth Day is April 26.  We want to get a group going in Iowa City on the theme of “Green Cities.”  Ann Christenson, Becky Hall, and Barbara will serve as our representatives on the community wide team.  We want to turn out groups to sing The Song for the Climate downtown and at the Old Capital Mall, among other songs and other things.  Miriam spoke to an environment group at West High and we will include them as well as univ. groups.
Other activities for April include A Week of Climate Action coordinated by Rob Hogg who will give us more details later.  It is April 21-25.
We made Valentines for Rep. Dave Loebsack asking him to urge the “No Labels” group in Congress, a bi-partisan leadership group, to consider climate change for their next subject.  We also made them for Rob Hogg, our climate hero!
Paula updated us on the Keystone XL pipeline, which will probably be decided by Obama sometime in May making the summer the primetime for protests, if needed.
Deb updated us on the Alamakee Co. Protectors which has gone out under a separate email.  Lynn G. said “Snake Oil” is an excellent book on Fracking by Richard Heinberg.
We commissioned Miriam for the Great March for Climate and gave her a card that included the names of 7 people who will pray for her, each one day a week.  She indicated that we could help the marchers by providing housing overnight when they are in Iowa City.  Deb will help coordinate this with the Unitarian Church.  They will be coming through Iowa City on Autust 20.
Other items coming up:
Grannies will be doing a program at Oaknoll on Feb. 18.  All Grannies are welcome to come–wear hats and buttons; we will teach the residents The Song for the Climate.
Don’t miss David Thoreson’s exhibit on the Northwest Passage at the Old Capital Mall.  Wonderful photography and narrative showing his journey in 1994 when they couldn’t get through because of the ice and his journey in 2007 when there was no ice!  He has become an articulate and impassioned spokesman on climate change.  He is coming back to Iowa City and we are hoping to have an event with him.
“Rooted in Compassion” Prairiewood’s annual “Spirituality in the 21st Century” conference.  Speakers include Marc Ian Barasch author of “Field Notes on the Compassionate Life: A Search for the Soul of Kindness and Drew Dellinger author of Love Poems to the Milky Way and one of the speakers featured in “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream.”
Thank you, Miriam, for helping to make that symposium happen earlier in Jan.  Barbara and Katharine are hoping to become facilitators for it if you are interested in scheduling at your church or in another venue.
Please correct these notes by hitting1 reply all if I have omitted or misconstrued anything–
Many thanks,
Peace, Joy, and Resolve,

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