Meeting notes, February 25, 2014


Hello to all you Grannies,
We had another fine turn out in spite of the cold weather and we welcomed 3 new Grannies:  Rebecca, Cheryl, and Marybeth.  A goodly group left early to go to the Coralville City Council meeting where they had a chance to speak against single-use plastic bags, although they weren’t sure their message was entirely well received.  But we know it’s a process and thanks for those who went are sent from the rest of us.  Special thanks to Maureen who made the arrangements to be on the agenda.
We had an update on Miriam who is about to start the Great March for Climate on March 1. She has had a silent retreat and is ready to go.  She sent some words to remember from the Dalai Lama:  “Anyone who doubts the power of one small individual has never slept with a mosquito.” 
We also learned that Grannie Jacque has fractured her ankle and is in need of prayer–her surgery is Thurs. am.
The power point program on the Grannies was used successfully at Oaknoll on Feb. 18 and will soon be ready for use by anyone who is asked to speak about the Grannies.  We recommend this be done in teams of at least two.  Special thanks go to Donna Rupp for this endeavor!  Meanwhile, a chapter of Grannies is starting up at Oaknoll.  Go Grannies!
We also commented on all the press our efforts to eliminate single-use plastic bags is generating.  Still another letter today from Becky Ross!  Ann Christensen and Donna Rupp are working on a response to Stella Clark’s letter. 
Becky Hall was given kudos for her fine work in putting together the “Learn by Lecture” series at the Senior Center.  We spoke about doing a film series in the fall (deadline for the catalog is June 15) and then another lecture series next winter/spring.  We have had attendance between 50 and 80 at the three lectures with one more to go this next Monday, March 3.  Senator Rob Hogg will be speaking.  Be thinking about what films we should include.
We briefly discussed forming a Green Coalition for Iowa City–the voluntary environmental groups plus Michael Garvin, Jen Jordan, and Brenda Nations were mentioned.  Planning for Earth Day/Week/Month will be a good time to get this going.
Paula made an impassioned plea for continued resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline and it was suggested that we work on a banner that would have everyone’s names on it and what they have done to protest the building of the pipeline.  Lynn G. said there is a very worthwhile film that has been made about the pipeline and available at
Donna and Jan are putting together a display for the Coralville library about the Grannies–which will include “Granny Green,” a small artistic figure made by Jan.  She is a class granny!  She is our mascot and sat in the table with her re-usable bag on her arm and her 100 Grannies button.
We discussed being part of a social responsibility booth at the Johnson Co. Fair July 21-24 and have agreed to pursue this even though at this time it is difficult to know how many of us will be in town to staff it.  We’ll have sign ups at the Anniversary Party for it and several other “tabling opportunities.” 
We hope to use the new phone chain to have every Granny called to attend the Second Anniversary Party at Carol Christensen’s on April 22.  Plan now to come, bring a prospective granny, a dish to share (possibly vegetarian), wine, a poem, your dancing shoes, and wear an outfit.  We are going to have a style show of Grannies with their shopping bags.  How the well-dressed Granny will go to market…. Let your imagination have some fun with this one.
The Earth Day celebrations by Grannies will be Friday evening at the Children’s Museum at the Coralridge Mall and Saturday at the Food Court at the Mall, April 25 and 26.  On Sat.we will be joined by the Family Folk Machine and the Junior Jazzercisers and hopefully some school kids all singing the Climate Song.  While the exact time has not been set for the Sat. event, it is anticipated it will be early afternoon.     PLEASE PUT THIS EVENT ON YOUR CALENDARS; THIS IS OUR BIG SPLASH.  IT WILL BE DONE LIKE A FLASH MOB AND THERE NEED TO BE ENOUGH OF US COMING OUT OF THE CORNERS OF THE FOOD COURT TO BE A ‘MOB.’  Friday night’s event is 5:30 to 7:30 and will feature two renditions of “Litter Red Riding Hood.”  If you can help with that, please be in touch with Becky Hall. Dianne is checking with several groups about resources for the children to color.
The calendar for March was listed in the agenda*.  There was not a lot of time to talk about each item.  We did talk about the Prairie Preview on Thurs. March 13.  Everyone is encouraged to come because it is a great environmental fair.  Grannies setting up and being available for conversations are Pat B. Claudia B., Cheryl B. and Jan B.  (Do we detect a theme here?)  There is a pot luck at 6:30 and a speaker at 7:30 plus time to mingle.
One thing left off the calendar was “Spirituality for the 21st century” sponsored by Prairiewoods.  It is March 28 and 29 and a number of Grannies are signed up.  Please let me know if you would like to carpool.
The place for brainstorming EarthDay/Week/Month is the Public Library.  The date is March 10, Mon., at 7 pm. 
What else needs to be added?
There is a lot happening and we are almost overwhelmed with invitations and opportunities.  It means we need more of us to become more active.  This is a good problem!
Peace, Joy, and Resolve,


*agenda with March calendar:

Grannies, (from Barbara, Monday, Feb 24, 2014
First–remember tonight’s lecture at 6 at the Senior Center:  Michael Garvin, RENAIS, LLC Renewable Energy Network for Aggregated and Integrating Systems, will present technologies and business strategies to complete a global transition to non-carbon sollutions.  Sounds wonderful to me!
Tomorrow we meet at 5:30 at Trinity Church, 320 E. College St.  If you are planning to go on to the Coralville City Council meeting, you would do well to bring a supper with you.  I am not sure if anyone will be going out to eat after our meeting or all heading over to the council meeting.  Please wear green and your buttons and your hats.  If you need a hat, we will have some there for sale–$20 for the new model.
Here is our agenda:
Opening litany
Song: Sing for the Climate–
Introductions and responses to  the three lectures in our series–or whatever else is most on your mind.
Report of recent activities:  Oaknoll Presentation–and others
Items for discussion:
Developing a Green Coaltion for Iowa City
Staffing a booth for the Johnson Co. Fair July 21-24
Bag Committee update
2nd Anniversary Party  April 22 at Carol Christensen’s
Earth Day celebration at the Coralridge Mall April 26
Opportunities coming up!
Friday, February 28–the second Snit-In will be 1 to 3 at the Coralridge Mall Food Court
March 1–Great Climate March starts–Go Miriam!
March 3 and 12–opportunity to participate in a brainstorming session on the upcoming symposium sponsored by the Obermann Center:  “Energy Cultures in the Age of the Anthropocene”  These are at 3 pm and registration needs to be made ahead of time.
March 3 6 pm at the Senior Center.  Rob Hogg does the final talk in the “Learn by Lecture” series on climate change
March 4 Iowa City Climate Advocates 7 pm at Trinity
March 6  ECO Iowa has invited Grannies to respond to the movie “Switch”  Public Library 7 pm
March 10–Community-wide planning for Earth Day/Week/Month
March 11–North Liberty City Council gets to hear about why they should support a phasing out of single-use plastic bags
March 13 Prairie Preview at Parkview Church–we will have a table.
March 14–Grannies do theatre–“Protect our Parks Pass it On” at PS1–a 30 min. script fr. the citizens of Allegheny Co. PA  written by Jennifer Myers and directed by Willie Barbour and starting some Grannies and their spouses.
March 18–Iowa Environmental Council “Lobby Day” at the Capitol
March 25–Grannies meeting at Trinity 5:30
March 28–Snit-in 1-3 location TBA
Updates on:
TPP–Trans Pacific Pact
CCL–Citizens Climate Lobby
Keystone XL Pipeline
Frac-sand Mining
You can see that there is a lot happening and the Grannies seem to be in the thick of it!
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Peace, Joy, and Resolve,

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