Meeting notes, December 2, 2014

100Grannies’ Minutes for December 2, 2014,
Special Stone Soup Dinner in Honor of Grannie, Miriam Kashia!
(notes of her talk are at the end of minutes)

Meeting Chair- Barbara Schlachter
Recording secretary- Becky Hall

Introductions: Barbara asked us to share an audacious action that we are doing to help the environment.

Old Business-

BYOB (bring your own bag) Week- Becky Ross and the Bag Committee did a wonderful job of working with Jen Jordan of the Iowa City Recycling Center on a variety of educational activities! This was the first of a three step bag program suggested by the MPO.  (Metropolitan Planning Organization, includes cities in Johnson, IC, Coralville, North Liberty.)
1- Educate, 2-Charge for a plastic bag, 3-Do Away With Plastic Bags. Grannies are asked to write the City Council about all we have done to educate and to continue on to the next step, charging for plastic bags. Also press the City Council on apartment recycling. Mary Mascher strongly suggests that we need a Grannie to run for City Council!!!
Two films were made to educate and you may watch them on You Tube or our website: “Love Your Mother” about food waste:

and “How to Remember Your Bag”:

Lots of our grannies in these two local films. Becky Ross also reminded us about a meeting at the University Height City Council, December 9, 7:00, at Horn School. The council plans to take pledges to use reusable bags. “Love Your Mother” is locally made and features grannies and other you may know.

Bakeless Bake Sale- Mary Beth made excellent drafts of gift cards for purchase. Please purchase these from Mary Beth or Pat. Barbara and Dianne are checking on other places that these may be purchased as gifts. The profits will go to support 100Grannies expenses as our children’s bags, buttons, printing, posters, etc.

February Lecture Series Flyers were passed out. Please advertise!! The following Grannies volunteered to introduce the lecturer on their night:
Carol Buchmiller, Jerald Schnoor, Feb. 2;
Carol Christensen-Connie Mutel, Feb. 9,
Virginia Melroy- Miriam Kashia, Feb. 23,
Maureen Arensdorf- Ferman Milster, March 2.
Lynn Gallager – Cindy Spading  RDN  LD. March 9.

New Business

Plant Based or Vegetarian Committee- this new committee is very motivated on educating us and others about the impact of our food choices on the methane emitted into the atmosphere and animal rights issues. This committee is working on many ideas: films; lecturer, Cindy Spading, on March 9; bus posters; working with Lynn Gallagher; recipe cards; changing our triarama poster to include food, pipeline and bags. The committee encourages us to eat locally, watch the documentary, “Cowspiracy” and to attend the December 13, Vegetarian Community potluck at UUSIC Channing Hall. Please bring a favorite plant-based (vegan) dish to share and your own reusable table service. Appetizers at 5:00 and dinner at 5:30.

Grans on the Vans- this week many Grannies were on the move to attend the Bakken Pipeline Informational Meetings.
Monday– Fort Dodge,  Tuesday– Fairfield, Wednesday– Sigourney , Thursday– Newton. 8-10 Grannies were present daily at these meeting to raise awareness of the need to keep this oil in the ground. We displayed posters and passed out information before each meeting. We had press coverage and feel our presence made a difference, but know that we will need to persist.  Thanks to all the Grannies who took the time for this vital action. Please be ready to contact the Iowa Utilities Board to submit your objections either by the form we passed out or by email.

Solar Fair- Mary Mascher and Deb Schoelerman are working on an informational presentation of solar energy, one presentation for the Grannies and one for the public. The dates to be announced.

December 13, 6:30, Barbara Eckstein and Jim Throgmorton invite all Grannies and their one special guest to a celebration of the effective work of groups addressing climate change this past year. This will be held at 814 Ronald’s St. Also Miriam will be speaking! Finger food and cookies will be served. Please BYOB (that is bottle, not bag:)
Please let Barbara E. know if you are able to come,

No Snit In for December.

Next meeting is Tuesday, January 27, 5:30 at Trinity.
Chris Vinsonhaler will present a special program about Congressional Election Reform.

Pat reported that “Progressive Action for the Common Good” (PACG) is having an organizational meeting for fighting the Bakken Pipeline. It will be Dec. 10, 6:30, 1212 W. 3rd St., Davenport.
Contact: Bill Sherwood, 563-271-0234 or

Speaker- Great Climate Marcher, Miriam Kashia!
She was presented with a mug decorated with photos from the March from the Grannies, prepared by Maureen.
Miriam presented a slide show of photos from the Great Climate March, a 3000 mile journey from LA to DC.
Miriam said the March made a difference in many ways. It helped local groups in each area they went through become stronger. It transformed her and everyone that marched. The stories she heard were amazing, like the story of Terry Greenwood, and his death due to fracking near his home. She said there are now 60 Climate Warriors. These marchers are now being arrested and jailed to stop carbon pollution. She plans to meet with Marcher friends in Tucson this February. Two actions that she wants us to do right now are:
1. Participate in the “Democracy School” online class.
2. Read, “This Changes Everything”, by Naomi Klein.

Please let me know of any changes, mistakes or additions,
respectfully submitted, Becky Hall

PS- the Stone Soup dinner was delicious and enjoyed by about 24 Grannies including some new ones! Talk was heard about making this an annual event!

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