Meeting notes, August 26, 2014

Meeting Chair- Maureen Arensdorf
Recording secretary- Becky Hall
No new members present.
Thank to all who helped with Great March for Climate Change Action, especially Jan Stephan, who was on the committee.
Introductions: we shared about Climate March. We were all moved by dedication of the marchers!
Old Business-
  Stuff fundraiser in July raised $850. Ongoing opportunity to take your unwanted stuff for the 100Grannies account, #38134.
  County Fair in July and Coalition- Ann Christenson reported that the Grannies did a nice job of talking to people and there may be some training next year. The table will stay at 4 in the coalition. But we need a bigger space. The blue dot chart about where we want our tax money to go will be made clearer.
  Great March for Climate Action letter to the editor will be written by Barbara Schlachter. She will thank the marchers and keep their message alive.
  “Protect our Parks” video about no fracking in Pittsburgh will be sent out to all by Barbara.
  New buttons are for sale at 2 for $5, as are bumper stickers. Shirts for $3, hats for $20.
Ongoing Business-
  S’nit-In will be Friday, August 29, 1:00-3:00, at the Ped Mall downtown outside of Dave Losbsack’s office. Maureen will try to make a new sign for the S’nit-Ins. You don’t have to knit! Please come, it is great fun!
  Bake less Bake Sale- Pat Bowen shared the fliers and will enlarge one for a poster to have at the film series and other activities. She has a cookie jar for donations. Barbara suggested we make cards to send out if a purchase is made in someone’s name.
  September movie series begins Sept. 8 with YERT. Becky Hall will introduce it. Sept. 15, Mary Beth will introduce Age of Stupid. Sept. 22, Becky Ross will introduce The Great Squeeze. And Sept. 29, Molly Stroh will introduce Green Fire. The movies are at 6:00-7:00 at the Senior Center with discussion following for those who can stay.
  Sept. 8, Cowspiracy will be showing at 8:30-10:00 at the Coral ridge Mall for those who can do a double feature after YERT. It is highly recommended by Professor Udaykumar. You must register for it by Sept.1 online. Please do, it is a very important movie.
  Bakker Pipeline letter to the Des Moines Register will be written by our excellent journalist Ann Christenson! This pipeline is proposed to go across 17 counties in Iowa. Each county must approve it. It is very dirty oil. We must keep our eyes on this as it develops.
  “Local Communities Dismantling Corporations” video will be sent out by Ann. Community organizing will be very important in stopping the Bakken Pipeline and this video will be very helpful. Laws need to be passed to stop it. Please watch it.
  Bag committee report, Becky Ross said that she and Jen Jordon are working on the “Bag Free” week in Iowa City, October 12-18. This week coincides with the Renewable Energy Conference with James Hansen. They want lots of publicity for this!
  Elections in November. We are reminded to make climate action a priority! Barbara got a letter for. Bruce Braley stating his strong support to climate action. And Dianne Dillion-Ridgley stated that she has seen Bruce Braley in action supporting climate legislation. Jan Stephan says you can go to “” to see all of the current bills, who supports them and where the are in the process.
New Business-
  Iowa Interfaith Power and Light will be in Des Moines, Sept. 18.
Barbara is going and would really like others to go with her. The main speaker will be excellent.
 7 Uzbekistan visitors will be at the greeted by Ann, Pat, Becky R. Claudia, Dianne and Barbara. They will be at the room on the first floor of the Old Capital Mall from 9:00-10:00. They are here to learn about our clean water practices. Thank-you Grannies for meeting with them!
  September 21 will be a very busy day! All Hands On Deck Day!
Ann, Pam, Miriam and possibly other Grannies will be in NYC for the Peoples Climate March!  Jan says to go to to get train discount rates and rooms if you want to go to NYC.
If you can’t go to NYC please come downtown to the Pentacrest for the Campaign for Non Violence. Mary Beth would like other Grannies to come to an organizational meeting on this Friday, August 29, at 11:00 at the Eastside Paneras. Maureen suggested we use the Calling Tree to get Grannies to this rally on Sept. 21.
  Renewable Energy Conference with James Hansen as the keynote speaker will be October 15 and 16. Barbara and Becky R. will man the Grannie table. You can register online for the events. We will get to see James Hansen speak in person!
  Treasury Report by Becky Ross. We had a balance of $1214.04 before paying bills of $600 and making a check out to the Great March for Climate Action for $425. We hope to make some money on the Bakeless Bake Sale.
  Upcoming speaking events are Becky and Perry Ross in Mt. Pleasant, September 14. And Jan S. and Barbara on October 7 at the Coralville Library for PEO.
  Sharing : Molly shared a neat Iowa bag and will try to find out where to get them. Becky H. shared a paper spoon that could replace plastic.
Ann shared  a live theater, Oct. 12 at the Englert. Pat said there will be a class on using Facebook at the ICPL on Sept. 9 at 10:00. Dianne said O’Hare airport and some others are using all biodegradable food service ware.

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