Meeting notes, September 24, 2013

We have one more movie in our current series:   It is “Gaslands.”  It will be edited a bit since it is longer than our  usual hour to an hour and fifteen.  We will also have a live performance by  a new resident of Iowa City who has written a song on fracking, which is the  subject of this film.  Martha Schut is our moderator for the film.  It  is 6pm at the Senior Center on Monday Sept. 30.
We heard a report from two Grannies, Jan Stephan  and Jacque Gharib, who had been at the Barn Building with Bold Nebraska, Jan on  the first weekend with Becky, Becky, and Ann, and Jacque with Miriam Kashia and  Mark Neucollins from Iowa City Climate Advocates on the second.  So–we  received full coverage, including the picture of “100 Grannies for a Livable  Future” on the wall of donors.  It was an exciting event and the barn is  finished!  Jane Kleeb would be willing to speak in Iowa City–we  just need to invite her. 
Molly Stroth reported that the September movie  series has been very successful–very well attended with good discussion.   We look forward to a full report on our lecture series next month when Becky  Hall is back.
Ban the Bag will resume in full force when Becky  Ross is back–we are gearing up for the Oct. 24 meeting of the councils of all  the municipalities in Johnson County.
We are one of 6 environmental groups in IC  sponsoring a meet the candidates forum on Oct. 16 at 7 pm in the City Council  chamber. At least 5 of the 6 candidates will be present and it will be  televised.  Put it on your calendar and be thinking of questions you’d like  to ask.
We have a Personal Narrative workshop for one hour of our meeting next month on Oct. 22.  We will send details before  hand.   Leslee Sandberg of Cedar Rapids will facilitate it.  The  goal of this is to help each of us develop our own personal story of our concern  about climate change and be able to telll it persuasively.  It will be fun  and empowering.
We talked about having a road trip to CrackerBarrel  in Davenport for the purpose of having our pictures taken on their row of  rocking chairs.  “Why these Grannies are off their Rockers” is the theme we  will be using for our Rotary presentation on Nov. 21.  So we will be posed  on, rising, and off–should make for a fun series.  Dianne Dillon-Ridgely  is checking on this particular Cracker Barrels welcoming policy.  Maureen  A. also suggested we might sit on the porch of an IC nursing home that has a row  of rockers.  So stay tuned for where and precise time, although the date is  scheduled for lunch time on Oct. 8.
Paula S. provided us with an update on Citizens  Climate Lobby and IC’s role in chairing the agricultural dimension of the carbon  tax.  There is a regional meeting in Lincoln Nov. 9 and 10–Barbara S. is  going and would be glad to take others.  This next month’s call is on the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which is releasing its latest report  Sept. 27.  The call is Sat. Oct. 5 at noon at Trinity.  All are  welcome–it should be a very helpful call.
Grannies and Iowa City Climate Advocates will be  tabling at the Midwest Environomental Educators Conference at the Coralville  Marriott Sept. 26-28.  Thanks to Grannies Jacque G., Claudia B., Dianne  D.R., Paula S., and Barbara S. who are part of the staffing.
What did I forget?  Add and hit reply  all.
In Dianne’s words, “It’s time to Grandmother  Earth.”  She needs us wise women elders.  Go Grannies,

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