Meeting notes, July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013

Becky Hall reported about our table at the Jazz Fest downtown Iowa City on July 6.

We gave out reusable bags.  Deb Schoelerman had a great idea about “firing your

dryer.”  Deb made a beautiful poster about this and we handed out clothespins

attached to a note about it.  We also had a copy of “Room” magazine with an article

about Ann and John Christenson on display along with our usual triptych and bag

posters.  Becky thanked the participants who worked that day.

Becky Ross reported on our bag making day on July 9

we have figured out the system so next time we should be able to make them a little

quicker.  We could use more people and machines. Thanks to everyone who helped.

The “Bag Committee” will be meeting soon to discuss further action (possibly  a

Plastic Free Day).  There was discussion about giving out the bags we made at the

Winter Farmer’s Market at Grant Wood.  Jan S. said she would check on the cost of a


Molly Stroh reported on the upcoming movie series, scheduled for September.  It

looks like everything is lined up with a possibility of a small change.  Becky Hall

passed a printed schedule around.  The Senior Center said we have had a great

showing for our films and they may help defray any cost involved in showing the fall

films.  Deb Schoelerman asked if she could possibly show the same movies at her

church.  She’s going to look into it.

Katharine Nicholson needs each of us to report to her when we paid our dues

because there is no record.  There has been some confusion about who is keeping

track of membership – is it Carol Dollman or Joyce Carmen?  It would also be easier

if we had our own bank account.  We need to check into the business college class

offered in January on how to get 501c3 non-profit status. We really need a treasurer

and all of the above should be on our next agenda.

Becky Hall asked if anyone wanted to have a table at the Soul Fest on September



.  Most of the people who have been working at the tables will be busy, but we

should check our interest list and see who else checked that they would be willing to

work the table events.

We also talked about having a series of speakers – possibly at the Senior Center.

Several names were thrown out.

Ann Christenson told us about a class at the Senior Center on Climate change –

Mondays at 2:00 pm.  She also encouraged us to get involved in the Bold Nebraska

solar and wind energy barn that is being built in the path of the Keystone XL

Pipeline in York, Nebraska.  There are 2 weekends – September 14-15 and 21-22.

They need people to help with the building and helping serve meals.  Several people

may be able to go.

Carol Christensen reported on the EPA hearing last April 18

She and Ann both went and were quite moved by the speakers against the pipeline.

Next meeting should be August 27.

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