Paul Cienfuegos in Iowa City Oct, 2015


Oct 17, 2015 workshop:

Paul Cienfuegos was in Iowa City for a workshop Oct 17, 2015.  Sponsored by Environmental Advocates, a local coalition including our group. Paul is an activist in Community Rights.

Community Rights Workshop
“We the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare Believe”

Introductory Workshop* with Paul Cienfuegos, National Community Rights Educator

Saturday, Oct. 17 – Coralville Public Library, Schwab Auditorium
Registration: 8:45 – 9:00 a.m. Program: 9:00 – noon
Please use the underground parking in the Library Lot.

* There will be a weekend workshop with Paul, November 13, 14, & 15 (Friday evening, Saturday, & Sunday) at the Extension Building at the Johnson County fairgrounds.

You will learn

• Why counties and communities can’t keep out harmful activities like Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), pipelines, and big box stores. PLUS: The dirty secret about regulatory agencies.
• Why corporations are “people,” with more rights than human beings and nature is an exploited commodity.
• Find out how we can change the system so that community rights take precedence over corporate rights, and future generations and the rights of nature can be protected.
• How 200 communities in nine states have already passed legally binding, locally enforceable laws that ban harmful corporate activities and rein in the “rights” of corporations; and we can do it too!

Paul Cienfuegos’ work is at the cutting edge of social change, blending keen analysis with invaluable experience in reclaiming our power from corporate hegemony. I am grateful for his passionate commitment to democracy and ecological sanity. A lively speaker and a resourceful workshop leader, he helps us find concrete steps toward building a just and sustainable society.
– Joanna Macy, author of “Coming Back to Life”

Program brought to you by 100Grannies for a livable future
Please call or email one of us with questions or comments.

Dawn Jones Miriam Kashia Mary Beth Versgrove
(319) 646-6712 (319)459-1154 (319) 621-7795

Link to the group that started community rights ordinances –

What Community Rights Is All About – Paul’s 12 minute YouTube video –

This workshop is FREE but donations are gratefully accepted to cover costs of Paul’s visit.
No one will be turned away.

.pdf flyer: Paul_Workshop_Flyer_Fall_2015

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