Steering committee notes, August 7, 2013

Hi Maureen, Becky, Becky, and Ann,

Really good to be together!  There is good energy when we put our heads and hearts together.
I agreed to send out the minutes from the July 23 meeting.  Am I waiting for a revised copy or using the ones Becky R sent last week?  If I don’t get new ones by 9 pm these will go out because we are leaving early in the morning and I won’t have access to the program on my computer.
These are random notes from our meeting–
Becky R brought a sample bag from the sewing day–they are attractive and sturdy. 
Barbara and Maureen  and Deb Schoelerman will do the booth for the Soulfest on Sept.  14.  Becky R. will get materials to Barbara for this.
Ann and John and Becky H and Becky R are going to Bold Nebraska’s Barn Raising that weekend in York.
Maureen is going to check on whether the bag bill was paid.  (I got our trreasury bottom line from Carol Dollman today–its $156.42)
We talked about the film festival and agreed we should try to get some different people to introduce the films and field the discussion.  Barbara will work on this.  Becky R will do the first one, Bag It.
Becky Hall will coordinate a Feb. and March lecture series at the Sr. Center.  Names were suggested and people said they would contact for interest and availability.
We talked about making September “Grandparents’ Month” not just observing Grandparents Day.  Ann said she would contact Josh and Meredith to have them get in touch with Barbara for an article.
Someone suggested the slogan”  These Grannies are off their rockers!” 
We also talked about getting Johnson Co. Supervisors to declare a “Bag Free Day” and possibly do a “Bag Free Fridays” campaign.
Our next meeting is Aug. 27 at 5:30 at Trinity.
Am sure I missed something here, hit reply all and let us know.
Peace and Joy to all,

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