September 2014 Film Festival

Sept. 8YERT, Your Environmental Road Trip:  Called to action by a planet in crisis, three friends hit the road, with hope and humor in search of breakthrough solutions to humanity’s greatest environmental challenges in this award winning documentary.  Becky H will moderate.
Sept. 15  The Age of Stupid: A novel approach to environmental documentaries.  A future archisvist looks at old footage from 2008 and asks, “Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?”  A moderator is still needed.
Sept. 22  The Great Squeeze:  Surviving the Human Project: Explores our current ecological and economic crises stemming from our dependence on cheap and abundant energy.  Faced with challenges, can we find a path to a better future?  The film offers some answers.  Paula S will moderate.
Sept. 29  Green Fire: Iowa born environmentalist Aldo Leopold inspires us!  His land ethic philsophy lives on in the work of organizations all over the country and the world.  Molly S will moderate.
All films are Monday evenings at 6 pm at the Senior Center.   There is no charge; bring friends.

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