October 2015 Film Festival

newlogo.pngEnvironmental Film Series & Discussions

Free at the Senior Center, Mondays, October, 2015

Sponsored by 100Grannies.org 6:00-7:00 p.m. room 202

October 5- Disruption:  We know so much about climate change, why are we doing so little? This film takes a look at the devastating consequences of our inaction. Set against the backdrop of preparing for the largest climate rally in the history of the world last fall during the U.N. World Climate Summit in New York City. You will experience the days leading up to this major event and explore the reasons for our arrival at this social, moral and ecological crossroads.

October 12- When the Water Tap Runs Dry: Learn more about possible water shortages in the United States. Could the water tap really run dry? Think it can’t happen here? It’s happening right now in California. Every drop of water flowing in our rivers or stored in lakes and reservoirs is already spoken for. One of the greatest impacts of climate change will be water shortages. What can we do to address this coming water crisis? This film presents some possible solutions.

October 19- Standing on Sacred Ground: Indigenous people around the globe are standing as witnesses and protectors in defense of their creation stories, cultural survival and the environment. Will we listen to these unheralded guardians of our earth before it is too late?

October 26- Years of Living Dangerously: This new documentary pairs celebrity investigators with well-known journalists as they travel around the world to interview experts and ordinary people affected by climate change. What solutions will they find?

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