Lake Darling watershed has two CAFOs currently under construction

from Dawn: Bill McCracken spoke at the Washington County Board of Supervisors Meeting Tuesday morning about two CAFOs that the Horras family is constructing on the Washington side of the Jefferson County/Washington County line.  These two CAFOs are in the Lake Darling watershed and any run off would probably close the beach.  I talked with Bill after the meeting and offered to help.  Washington has not passed the Master Matrix.

The next BOS (Board of Supervisors) meeting is Tuesday and I plan to attend.  I sent an email to them asking them to discuss the Master Matrix; who knows if they will.

This is a link that has some info about the Master Matrix.


Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is a statewide group that is working for clean air and water, and some other issues also.  This is their contact info:

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement2001 Forest Ave
Des Moines, IA 50311-3229515-282-0484 .


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