Minutes – CRWG – 2/19/2016

Community Rights Working Rights Group   2/19 Meeting Notes

Present: Miriam T-H, Mary Beth, Aaron, Joyce, Katharine, Dawn, Miriam K, Bryson

BARB SCHLACTER and 100 GRANNIES: We started with a moment of silence for Barb Schlachter who founded 100 Grannies. For the funeral on Monday, Grannies and CRWG members are invited to wear Grannie gear or buttons and meet in the Trinity narthex at 10 to try to sit together at the 11 service.

Mary Beth described Barb’s last projects and days. Barb’s family is setting up a 100 Grannies fund to support agitation which Becky Ross will administer. Barb’s office at Trinity which had the 100 Grannies library was cleaned out so Becky Rosee has the books in boxes. The cart might still be at the church but was bought by Barb for the Grannies. The Grannies will be looking for a new home for the library and meeting rooms.

Mary Beth read through the statement of relationship and signed on behalf of the 100 Grannies Steering Committee. Miriam K and Miriam T-H signed on behalf of the CRWG. Miriam T-H will keep the official copy.

Mary Beth requested the CRWG to report to the 100 Grannies meeting in March. They would like to support us.

SCHOOL BOARD: Joyce has been working with Phil Hemmingway on the School Board – working on developing rapport and helping meet our common goals to ban pesticides. The Inside and Outside Task Forces are drafting policies. A ban on pesticides is more likely for the interior of the schools than exteriors. Sports fields are an issue because they have requirements about bald spots (trying to keep kids from getting hurt is another valid objective.) But the cosmetic issues around fence lines and saving money we think should be much lower priorities.

SELF EDUCATION: Miriam K really appreciates the article Sins of Our Fathers.

Katharine brought copies of Jim Hightower’s LowDown which is uplifting like Awakening the Dreamer and Game Changer. Katharine also likes When Corporations Rule the World.

Bryson encourages us to collect short quotes that inspire us.

MISC NOTES: Miriam T-H reported that we had difficulties trying to invite Caroline Dieterle to the CRWG group email list and might just direct add if anyone else wants to join in the future.

The next time a reporter like Andy Douglas writes an article, we will ask to fact check it before it is published. Miriam K emailed Andy thanking him for writing about CR and pointing out the biggest error in the article: only 5% of the CR ordinances have been challenged at all.

Mike Carberry (Johnson County Supervisor) seems really interested in learning more about Community Rights.

Miriam K reported that CCI has a change in leadership as Nathan is leaving. We think CCI is more likely to support CR now.

Joyce asked where we were in setting up a practice house party.

ORDINANCE DRAFTING: Miriam K and Bryson have been reworking the Pesticides ordinance. Because Iowa State Law on Pesticides bans communities and counties from banning pesticides they have to add the Community Rights info. They are making is specific to Iowa City first though changing it to Johnson County is possible.

Miriam K and Bryson both know the Iowa City Attorney Eleanor Dilkes.

We discussed the definition of pesticide (includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides.)

We discussed the requirement of a community meeting…

Miriam T-H mentioned that as Washington County Attorney Gerald Partridge added requirements to mediate before filing lawsuits with the county.

Next meeting: Friday Feb 26 at 1:30 at Lucky’s.

Miriam T-H will send out an agenda.

Aaron will take notes.

Agenda for 1/26:

Plans for Paul’s visit

House Party Progress

Self Education

Ordinance Drafting

School Board update – Joyce

Respectfully submitted, Miriam T-H

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