Minutes – CRWG – 1/8/2016


*MEETING: January 8, 2016*

*Present:  *Miriam K., Miriam T-H., Katharine, Aaron, Paula, Deborah, Claudia, Marybeth, Blair, Joyce, Dawn, Bryson

*Facilitators:  *Deborah and Katharine        *Note taker:  *Bryson

*Report from Boone by Deborah:  *The workshop was attended by George Ensley,

Democratic Activist in Boone as well as April Burch, a friend of Paul’s from CA.  When Paul returns in Feb there will be introductory workshops in Boone, Story. Jasper, and Calhoun countries, as well as a panel discussion/workshop  on the pipeline 2/21 from 2-4 (place to be announced).

*Report on development of pesticide ordinance:  *Dawn, and Miriam K. worked on a pesticide ordinance.  Paul had some input and we reviewed the ordinance with the suggestions made to Miriam by Paul.

Joyce and Blair explained the origin and current status of the ICCSD IPM (Iowa City Community School District Integrated Pest Management) Task Force.  It was created by the ICCSD School Board and charged with the task of writing a comprehensive IPM program.  Joyce is a member of the task force & its subcommittee on external pest management.

It was decided not to share our ordinance with the Task Force as the task Force was covering both the inside and outside of the schools and our ordinance covers outside only and extends to property beyond the schools. We discussed the best way to present the ordinance to the Supervisors  of Johnson County.  Miriam T-H. will research the Johnson County website to see if there is useful information for this next step.

*Status of Education/House Party:  *Katharine and Bryson will lead a session Fri, Jan 15, 2016 starting at 2:00 pm in the Community Room at Lucky’s.  We will practice 2-5 minute talks, discuss Paul’s handout *House Meeting 101,* and begin planning for house parties.

*Leadership Models:* Deborah shared something that Paul thought might be helpful as our group develops:  Sociocracy in Action 101.  He also suggested we take turns facilitating meetings and note taking so that we all get practice in leadership.

*Relationship with 100 Grannies:  *Currently we are able to share their website.  The idea that we are a sub-group or a spin-off of 100 Grannies was put forth as the association will reflect favorably in the community on what we are doing.

*Evening meetings:  *The group would like to survey folks who attended the workshop to see what kind of interest there is in evening meetings.  We will use either Doodle Poll or Survey Monkey.

*Other items:*

Deborah will explore with Paul possibility of his meeting with us when he is here.

Miriam announced that Ed Fallon is hosting a Caucus experience in Des Moines 1/29 in order to take advantage on the many reporters in Des Moines for the Caucuses.

*Next meeting:* Friday 1/15/16 at 2:00 pm in the Community Room at Lucky’s.  Bryson will facilitate. The purpose of the meeting is to practice presenting our philosophy to others. See “Next Meeting(s) under CRWG for details.

*Next regular meeting:*  Friday 1/22/16 at 1:30 pm in the Community Room at Lucky’s.  Katharine and Deborah will facilitate; Miriam T-H. will take minutes.

*Actions:  *

1. Miriam T-H. will research the Johnson County website for ways to introduce our ordinance.

2.  Joyce, Katharine, and Bryson will work on Doodle Poll and/or Survey Monkey.

3.  Claudia and Katharine will research the possibility of working with the library to enhance the computer skills the group may find necessary as we move forward.

4.  Deborah will check with Paul about meeting with us in February.

Respectfully submitted, Bryson Dean 1/8/16

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