Dem sch mtng 8-28-15

Brief minutes and request for help with Paul’s October 17 workshop

Dear CRTF Grannies,

I am having computer problems, and didn’t send out a reminder for last Friday’s meeting. And I sent out

a premature message this morning. But there is another meeting this Friday September 4, at 10:00 at La

Cava to finalize the invitation and work out the details of Paul’s 3-hour workshop at the Coralville Public



Six of us (Barbara Schlachter, Deb Dee, Paula Sanchini, Miriam Kashia, Mary Beth Versgrove, and me,

Dawn Jones) met Friday August 28 at 10:00 a.m. at La Cava.

We discussed the invitation Fairfield is using for Paul’s workshop on Sunday October 18; Paula and

Dawn will make further changes and try to get the new version to Barbara and Mary Beth by Tuesday

September 1.

The importance of having a good turnout for the 3-hour workshop Saturday October 17 was stressed –

both because it is vital to spread the knowledge about how ordinances have benefitted communities

and because our attendees for the weekend workshop will largely come from this pool.

In discussion about the November weekend workshop, Deborah indicated that we have the ISU

Extension Building at the Johnson County fair grounds for Friday evening and all day Saturday and

Sunday. Barbara reported the LEAF will cater the weekend event with vegetarian/chicken entrée

options (and a dessert). Paula reviewed the budget and Dawn will verify with the Coralville Public

Library that a donation basket to defray the workshop expenses is okay. It was decided to postpone

discussion about a donation to help CELDF in its lawsuit against the Ohio Secretary of State who handed

“victory to oil and gas industry” by “stripping communities of authority to even vote on fracking

infrastructure projects.”

Proposed Agenda for Friday September 4, 10:00 a.m. at La Cava. Order Lunch at 11:30.

 Finalize the invitations: pdf flyer and background information to be posted and/or emailed,

including online registration and mail-in registration

 Organize publicity and outreach: Increase list of organizations’ list serves for getting message

out, seek Grannies who are members of religious activist groups **

 Recruit Grannies from general members to help with setting up chairs and registration (sign in,

serve coffee and tea, bring and arrange goodies for attendees.)

We are asking all CRTF members for help in finalizing the planning and publicizing of our October 17

event. Please come if you can.

** The current list of groups and person who will contact them includes

Center for Worker Justice -Dawn

Coalition for Racial Justice –Dawn through Dorothy Whiston

Council of Religious Communities –Dawn through Dorothy Whiston

Dream Center –Dawn

League of Women Voters –Dawn through Nancy Porter and Nancy Lynch

PEACE Iowa -Dawn

U of I Law School – Dawn through Dorothy Whiston

Veterans for Peace- Dawn

Sierra Club -Barbara

Ecopolis -Barbara

Environmental Advocates -Barbara

Iowa River Friends -Barbara

Johnson County Board of Supervisors

Johnson County Council of Cities

Iowa City City Council

*Backyard Abundance – Mary Beth

City Councils: North Liberty, West Branch, Tipton, Cedar Rapids

Iowa City Climate Advocates -Barbara

New Pi – ask Becky Ross

Quaker and Mennonite Community – Deb

The Source Magazine – Deb

*Little Village Magazine – Mary Beth (willing to call and see if a reporter would interview Dawn re:

project) publish every 3 weeks – last issue

*Iowa City Co-Housing – Mary Beth

Physicians for Social Responsibility –Barbara

*Iowa – Mary Beth

West High (and civic teachers in other high schools) -Miriam

*Full Circle Church, Coralville – Mary Beth (contact: Mary Kay Kusner, pastor)

*St Thomas More Church, Coralville – Mary Beth (Social Justice Commission)

Unitarian Universalist Church


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