Dem sch mtng 6-11-15

Democracy School Task Force Meeting June 11, 2015 : Mary Beth’s report on Thomas Linzey visit, holding a local Democracy School, Paul Cienfuegos online, and some additional links from Dawn

Brief recap of meeting
Next meeting – July 161:30 p.m.  Trinity Church

Honorarium of $2,500 for Thomas Linzey to speak here may put it out of our price range.  Brave Grannies will approach individuals who might want to donate $1000.  Deb indicated that Thomas Linzey’s Fairfield visit ignited their activism.                 Afternoon talk        Evening lecture [Thomas starts at 6:30]


Mary Beth reported that CELDF can only come to a community and provide the 1 ½ day Democracy School around an issue.  We are uncertain if the proposed Chauncey Tower would be a good fit as our community issue; there is a time line that runs from community rights awareness through passing an ordinance, and passing an ordinance without the support of the City Council (or Board of Supervisors, depending on the issue) takes time.

Mary Beth will work with ICCI to determine which counties we may best be able to help with their NoBakken fight – if any have county government support there might be time to get a community rights ordinance passed.


We are planning to view Paul Cienfuegos’ 3 hour pre-recorded workshop at one of two showings on Saturday mornings, either June 27 or July 11.  Location to be announced.  All Grannies are welcome; we are asking for an opinion from those who haven’t been through the Democracy School – “Does the workshop give you a relatively complete background of community rights ordinances?  Why they are considered necessary and what the localities expect to accomplish?”

“Apparently, that’s also the opinion of over 70 neighbors seeking legal counsel to help protect themselves.  They are currently working with local attorney and JFAN’s legal counsel David Sykes who has teamed up with attorney Charlie Speer from Kansas City.

The Save Batavia and Eldon group has hope. Mr. Speer has a national reputation as the leading anti-factory farming attorney in the country. He has successfully protected many communities like Batavia and Eldon and currently has cases in seven other states.”

Please send corrections and additions.

Thanks to all of you,   Dawn

Broadview Heights Ohio inclusive community rights ordinance which is currently in litigation.

Court has ruled against the community.–.pdf

Statement by   Ohio Community Rights Network

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