Community Rights Working Group (CRWG)

Current news:

Showing and Q & A “We the People 2.0”  January 29, 2018, Unitarian Universalist Church, 7 PM, 2355 Oakdale Road, Coralville (just south of Oakdale Blvd near the tall, gray Kirkwood building; west side of Oakdale Road). (Trailer)

Paul Cienfuegos has launched the new website:

Lunch with Paul 9/26/17:

Past events:

Panel discussion video  after showing of “We the People 2.0” Aug 1, 2017

Paul at the Board of Supervisors audio    Aug 2, 2017   (The meeting starts at 2:00 minutes.)

Note: We now have our own tab or find us under the tab “committees”   Community Rights Working Group

Boone Flyer Final – feb 2016

Video of Diane Rosenberg workshop on CAFO’s 10/3/17

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