Johnson County Fair – minutes 7/2/15


7/2/15 ICPL Meeting Room D

Attending: Katharine Nicholson, Becky Ross, Donna Rupp, Carol Christensen, Paula Sanchini, Linda Quinn, Roberta Linnenkamp, Mary Beth Versgrove (chair)

1. Schedule for 100G volunteers at the JCF – A sign-up sheet was circulated again. Open time   slots still remain. At least 1 Granny volunteer is being sought for each of the slots on 3 of the 4   days (July 27, 29, 30) and on Tuesday, July 28 we have a 100G meeting so we may miss the   evening opportunity. Each Granny volunteer is encouraged to find a “new” Granny to buddy with   during her shift so we can encourage involvement of new members and increase awareness of our   mission

  1. Corn Counter for Tax Dollar Straw Poll Project – Donna Rupp has constructed a reusable   devise to replace the “green dot” straw poll poster we used last year in our booth. It has seven   categories or “tubes” which will allow fairgoers to vote their 4 most important categories for use   of tax dollars using shelled corn. The People’s Coalition provided some statistics (2 different   sources) that could be used for category assignment. Mary Beth shared how they might be used.   Clarification of Veterans Benefits was given and agreement was reached on how these would be   labeled on the counter. A hand-out of the categories will be available from the People’s Coalition   (1 page double sided) which are based on 2014 stats. Donna and Mary Beth will meet with Ann   Stromquist on 7.7.15 to finalize categories and labeling the counter.


  1. Conflict Resolution Workshop – Members of Peace Iowa will conduct a 1-hour workshop on   conflict resolution on Wednesday, July 22 at the Coralville Library. The time and exact room will   be confirmed by Mary Beth through Ann Stromquist. All JCF volunteers will be encouraged and   invited to attend so that they may be better prepared for possible confrontations while   volunteering at the fair. Pizza will be served. A workshop will follow for parents. There will be   no charge for the event.


  1. Bakken Resistance – Linda thought that the deadline for petitions would be past by the time the   fair took place. She will confirm that with Citizens Climate Lobby and Bakken Resistance   members. Mary Beth asked whether we could still have a poster or sign showing the route of the   pipeline through Iowa and possibly a timeline (as proposed) by the IUB for further proceedings.   Linda will look into what she has from other events and there will be something visual there for   the booth. Iowa CCI is doing a petition drop at the IUB in DesMoines on July 9th. Further work is   happening at the county level and Mary Beth will see if she can get an update before the fair.


  1. Questions for the Candidates – Paula prepared a 1 page (double-sided) hand-out with   introduction and questions both (general) about climate change and renewables as well as specific   policies. The questions were very comprehensive and ranged in complexity. Also included were   Robb Hoag’s 5 points about climate change and questions he has posed for discussion with   candidates. The group discussed other areas of interest including carbon fee and dividend and   health impacts which might be included. Paula offered to send an electronic copy to Mary Beth   that could be distributed to the committee (and the 100G Steering Committee) for comments and   revisions within a seven day period. Mary Beth shared comments from the recent People’s   Coalition fair committee meeting re: this project. The other members have expressed interest in also submitting questions for the candidates at the fair booth. Questions from 1 member of   Veterans for Peace were shared. Given the breath and depth of these questions, Mary Beth asked   the group for input on the extent to which we would limit our questions. It was decided that we   would like to have our questions and comment be no more than one-half of an 8.5 x 11 sheet   (double sided). Linda suggested creating a poster which would have a general statement re: the   purpose of Questions for Candidates that represented all 4 groups in the coalition. Paula had   provided such a statement re: climate change. Mary Beth will share this with the coalition   members and ask for their input on a statement that might cover their interests as well. If there is   not interest from the coalition, we will include this on our hand-out only. Great discussion on this   project followed and the group agreed that we need to make these questions of a personal nature   to assist those who have a genuine concern and interest in gaining knowledge about a topic that is   near and dear to their hearts, but is underrepresented in the political debate. Roberta brought to   our attention that she and other grannies as well need more education. She was also interested in   possibly working on an educational coloring book using graphic illustrations to educate both   children and adults on climate change. This would not be used at the fair, but be a good tool for   future education on climate change.


  1. Bag Petition and Pledge Cards – Becky will hunt down the pledge cards which have been used   in the past for people who are interested in eliminating single use plastic bags (Jen Jordan   created). If a petition is available we will have it there for people to sign at the booth. This project   has a lot of public support and needs to continue as the Bag Committee plans to present   resolutions similar to that at the Iowa City Council to surrounding councils. Mary Beth reminded   the group that discussion at the May meeting included giving pledge card signers some sort of   token to remind them to bring their bags to the store, a pin or visual representation of a cloth bag   that could be placed in the car. Donna and Becky will work on coming up with a solution. 7. Fair Booth Daily Raffle Bag – 100G will provide a handmade cloth bag to be raffled off each   day of the JCF (n=4). The bag will be filled with climate friendly, sustainable surprises supplied   by the People’s Coalition. Suggestions were provided from the donations received last year   including (but not limited to): cloth napkins, books, solar powered flashlights, duct tape with   peace signs, bumper stickers. We need to solicit again from 100G. Items donated may be given to   Mary Beth or any committee member. Drawing for the raffle will be at the end (last shift) of each   day at the fair. Winners need not be present. Mary Beth Versgrove (recorder)

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