We now have a link for Blue Zone & IC’s effort to qualify. We’re told that sixteen Iowa City restaurants have met Blue Zone qualifications.

Lynn and Pat are finding out for us what local restaurants are offering vegan choices. It’s also a good way to be in their face that this is important:

VEGAN OPTIONS     at some local restaurants:

Bread Garden:  Salad bar with soup and lettuce salads and hot food. Lots of options. Some are labeled. Also have a vegan muffin and brownie.

Chipotle: website says that beans, rice and tortillas are vegan. Some locations have sofritas ( organic tofu).  Might want to ask about whether rice and beans are vegan at specific Chipotles to be sure.

El Bandito: Has a separate menu  of several vegan options including fajita salad, black bean salad, chips and guacamole, portabello mushroom tacos, black bean tacos, portabello tacos, potatoes with rajas ( carmelized onion and pablano peppers, calabacitas( sauted zucchini), green gigantic( veggies cooked in oil or dry cooked), plaintains.  Some salsa is vegan and some is not—you need to ask.

Fairgrounds: vegan breakfast burrito, different wraps, roasted potatoes with salsa, waffles, baked goods including regular and gluten free muffins, and cookies etc.

Frida Kahlo ( in Solon) limited because the rice has butter in it and refried beans have lard.  I order veggie fajitas and tell them no rice or beans and instead more lettuce and guacamole ( but no sour cream on it) They have corn or flour tortillas and said they are both vegan.

Masala: buffet has vegan options and they are labeled. Several options on the regular menu. They told me that the white rice is vegan.

New Pi: Has vegan sandwiches and salads, cookies, peanut butter bars, cake etc

Noodles and Company: Some noodles are vegan, They said to let them know you want vegan dishes and they will assist.

Oasis:  lots of vegan options: humus, pita falafel, tabbouleh salad, red cabbage salad and madjadra  (lentils with carmelized onions)

Pancheros: Rice is not vegan ( has butter ) beans and veggies are vegan and so are all the toppings except sour cream and cheese.

Salt Fork Kitchen ( Solon)  avoid the aioli which is not vegan.  Most things are not vegan, but these are options: Veggie tacos without aioli, corn chips and salsa, home fries. Said you could get fried rice without eggs.

Short’s Eastside: buns have butter so are not vegan, but beanburger is vegan, guacamole and chips, fries, quesadilla if you ask for not cheese or sour cream.

Taste of China: Several options, but ask need to ask

Thai Spice and Thai Flavors: several options, but ask about animal products like fish sauce or eggs

Trumpet Blossom: all vegan

The Wedge: dough and all sauces are vegan and they also have vegan cheese

Zmariks: some noodles are vegan and tofu is an option. Several dishes are vegan if you leave out the cheese

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