Minutes of Veg Comm 7/20/2015

We discussed all the information we want to put forth at the fair:

The Cowspiracy poster Lynn is loaning us
The Bus poster
Fliers and bookmarks
Not enough room for the triptych in the booth (sharing the booth with three other groups)
Katharine has volunteered to get the fliers and bookmarks printed. Jan will check with the steering committee about reimbursement. (just had email from Jan about this Katharine)
Pat has some Stop the Bakken Pipeline cards created by CCI that can be signed and sent back to CCI for delivery to the IUB (side note, they are having a meeting with the IUB next month)  Some folks have been sitting at the Farmers Market to get cards signed.  These cards can be signed even if someone has sent in a letter of objection to the IUB.  Pat has written to Mary Beth to see if this will be allowed at the fair booth.

Lynn reported back about her letter to local area restaurants.  We word-smithed it a little bit but have tabled it for another month as time was getting late.   Lynn would like to suggest that we deliver the letters in person to the restaurants much like I believe the bag committee did, going to the businesses to discuss.   Lynn also brought up the fact the Cedar Rapids is a “Blue Zone” and we think Iowa City is also so using that reference for restaurants if they wanted to be labeled a “Blue Zone” restaurant this might be a good way to do so by putting more vegetarian and vegan items on their menus.  We will mention to the restaurants that we will be listing their establishments names on our website.

We talked about T shirts, with the Granny logo on them and possible something about your individual choice of issue for the back, like “go vegan” or “bring your own bag” or “wind and solar rock”.  These t shirts could be used as a fund raiser and for wearing in protest,  gatherings and parades etc (along with our hats and pins)  We decided that this might be something the communications/graphics committee could work on.

We  forgot to discuss exact date/time for the next meeting, but using our idea of meeting the Monday before the steering committee and general meeting that looks like it will be

 August 17 3:30 at Katharine’s.


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