Minutes of Veg Comm 6/15/2015

agenda/ Notes in red 


Fair Factoid Sheet.  Please bring ideas for this.  We must be conscientious that our audience will be farmers.    We plan to bring our bus posters to the fair.  
Pat will work on creating a factoid sheet but if anyone reads of anything that would be good for the cause please forward it to Pat.

Katharine will be doing the read out for Tuesday’s meeting June 23rd 

Could someone give a report back on “Governing under the influence” and/or the Monsanto March? I was preoccupied that weekend and was unable to make either of the events.  
We also mentioned farm subsidies and the “real cost” of food, how can we dig into that subject to educate ourselves and members? (I am planning on doing a read out of this for my turn at the report out at the main grannie meeting in September)
Suggestion to prepare a letter to be sent to local restaurants asking them to provide at least one vegan meal (besides a lettuce salad and french fries).  If they would be willing to do so we would add their restaurant name to our list we provide to our members.   We will ask Lynn to work on this, she has done well in creating the list of restaurants that currently do have at least some vegan options. 
T shirts for selves or fund raiser?  did not discuss
Vegetarian Potlucks held at the Unitarian Universalist church once a month. Carol Trockmorton is the leader of these. (Kenn, Lynn and I go to these sometimes, they are very informal, great food, good company and many times there is an educational feature at the end of the dinner.  One night we had Cindy present a mini slide show similar to the one at the Senior Center, another time we have viewed some excellent documentaries)   Up for discussion, how much should we encourage grannies to go? if at all?  have we done this before?    This sounds like a good idea for the 100grannies, Pat will mention at future meetings when the next one is coming up. 
Anything else???

We talked about keeping the message to our group simple, working at educating the 100 Grannies first and foremost.  Someone suggested “next steps” or small steps a person can take.  We came up with the following:

(this might be a good thing for a readout at a future meeting… maybe even type it out to hand out?)
1. Meatless Mondays
2. Try something new, a new plant based food to eat
3. Change from eggs to tofu or learn out to make an egg substitute with flax seed or applesauce for baking
4 Try milk substitutes
5. Tofu Thursdays 
This is all I recall from the meeting last Monday.  Our next meeting will be July 20th at 3:30 again. 

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