Minutes of Veg Comm 5/19/2015

Minutes from May 19th meeting


Talked about May 23rd events:

Governing Under the Influence 10-4 at the ICPL (with lunch or not)
March against Monsanto 12:30 March at 1 starts from New Pioneer Coop in IC
Talked about the website/ Facebook 
Katharine says the website is costing $50 a quarter, this will be brought to the steering committee for discussion
Lots of us are posting on FB, including the good articles that Lynn sends out. 
Discussed our “read outs” at the general meetings,
to be
1) educational 
2) short 2-3 minutes
3) will share duties, assigned as volunteered:
May: Lynn- eating vegan how easy it is, she will also mention restaurant list (bring copies?)
June: Katharine
July: Jan
August: Marcia
September: Pat (I may work on the real cost of food and food subsidies to report on)
October: Claudia
Suggestion: Maybe have recipes each month to pass out???
Discussed events throughout the summer that we may want to attend with larger granny group. We also talked about having something “interactive” to engage people, like a trivia question, so they can “win” something like a packet of seeds.   ANYONE that wants to or can, please see if we can get some donated seed packets to give out.  Please let the group know if you find that you can get some. Plus we thought this would be good to give out to grannies that attend a monthly meeting 🙂   ( As I am typing these minutes out I just thought of something:  How about changing the name of our group to “grannies planting seeds” ?? ——just brainstorming 🙂 )
1)Art Fest
2)Jazz Fest
3)County Fair (work with Mary Beth V regarding anything we want to display etc) 
Katharine mentioned wanting to do a T shirt— More discussion?  Could this be a fund raiser?
Letter to restaurants tabled until next month.
Trip Tyche (I found it! _ Jan has a couple photos from the newspaper this week that will be added.)
Next meeting at Katharine’s place 634 Reno St June 15 3:30pm
Please reply all with any additions or corrections, thanks!
Have a great holiday weekend everyone!  Maybe see you around town at one activist event or another 🙂 or maybe some live music!
Suggestion for a “read out” at one of our meetings, short and good information with resources as well.  Lynn do you want to read this? or if not, someone else when it is their turn.    I just googled “vegan diet and the environment” and came up with this article in a magazine called “Choose Veg”.
Want to Save the World? Start
by Ditching Meat
by Sarah Von Alt – September 3, 2014

A recent article published by Bloomberg Businessweek highlights a new report released by the WorldWatch Institute detailing the world’s unsustainable meat habit.

According to Bloomberg, “More than two-thirds of all agricultural land is used for animal pasture, with an additional 10 percent used to grow feed grains consumed by meat- and dairy-producing animals. Agriculture overall consumes about 70 percent of the world’s fresh water; a third of it goes to grow feed grain.” 

The devastating effect of large-scale animal production on the planet is no secret. From land and water pollution to the destruction of the rainforest and massive species extinction, the planet is proving itself unable to sustain our resource-intensive diets.

The WorldWatch report concludes, “Until broader changes sweep through the meat-production system, eating less meat, or choosing lower-impact meats, typically means leading a less resource-intensive life.”

Want to make the world a better place? There’s no better way to start than by changing what you put on your plate. For meal ideas and tips on making the transition to a healthy and humane vegan diet, check out ChooseVeg.com.

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