Minutes of Veg Comm 4/15/2015

Grannie sub-committee for a plant based diet to help change the planet.


  • Welcome / Introductions We welcomed Jeanne to our group! 
  • Set semi permanent meeting times/places   We decided to meet on the third Tuesdays of the month at 2pm. (time can be adjusted)  Next meeting will be May 19 at Pat Bowen’s home 1210 Village Rd (Corner of Wayne Av and Village Rd)  This will be the week before the general Grannie meeting and then we can decide what report out will need to be made at that general meeting.
  • Discuss selecting a name for our group We will call ourselves the VegComm 7
  • Discuss a Mission statement (why do we exist, what are our goals?)

◦  Example: “The goal of the VegComm 7 (sub group of the 100 Grannies) is to educate members, family and friends of the role of the animal agriculture industry in our society especially in regards to climate change and to promote a whole food, plant based diet. 

  • What have we accomplished so far?

◦Invited Cindy Spading to speak at Lecture series this winter

◦Helped sponsor Cowspiracy at the ICPL

◦We put posters up on the buses for 30 days, what is best way to re-use these beautiful posters?  We discussed and agreed that Jeanne will check with the Senior Center and the library about posting, Jan and Pat will talk with Jen Jordon for suggestions at the Bakken Pipeline meeting tonight, April 15th, Claudia and Pat will talk to yoga studios that they belong to about posting.   Keep thinking about this as an opportunity to spread the word.  

◦sending our emails with important articles to read ; many good, informative articles have been posted in Facebook thanks to Lynn and Katharine, how can we get these more widely read by membership?  Agreed that we all we join, if we haven’t yet, to become a member of the 100grannies “group” on Facebook.  That way any one of us can post articles if we wish, that will help educate about animal agriculture and climate change. 

◦sending our emails with important articles to read ; many good, informative articles have been posted in Facebook thanks to Lynn and Katharine, how can we get these more widely read by membership?

 –   Next activities

  • April 22nd Earth Day 11:30 book club at the library discussing Naomi Klein’s book Theis Changes everything 
  • April 22nd Yotopia “snit in” 
  • Tuesday, Apr. 28th from 3-5 p.m. in 2520 UCC.*****from Katharine’s email”****see my reply to that also
  •  May 23rd is March against Monasanto, meet up at 12:30, march begins at 1pm at New Pioneer Co-op (thanks Jan)
  • May 31st Praire Woods is a workshop entitled Food Faith connect the dots  (thanks Claudia)  http://pw.retreatportal.net/calendar/viewEvent.aspx?programcode=15PEA08993 (Lynn thinks Becky Ross may have attended this or something similar, Pat checked with Becky and she said “ It was pretty low key and I don’t think we learned much from it.  It looks like it’s probably the same program.  But, if someone you went, you might stir them up a bit!  😉  I think it would be better for someone who wasn’t sure why they should eat a plant based diet.”  So with that being said, I don’t think it would hurt for us to mention it at the April 28th or May 26th meeting, in case someone might want to go. 
  •   New Ideas   
  • We have agreed we will each take a turn at the general meeting to come up with a 2-3 minute “commercial” or “Educational spot” about our group and why a whole foods plant based diet is a great way to save the planet.  We will discuss more at the May 19 th  meeting.  We might want to be thinking about what we want to say and set up a schedule for the May through November meeting. (that would give us each one month)  Some examples were, recipes or naming/identifying  foods that we can purchase at local stores that work as good meat substitutes as well as some great facts recently read in articles, or good books to read on the subject etc.   Our main theme is to take baby steps and keep educating by planting seeds.
  • We also mentioned farm subsidies and the “real cost” of food, how can we dig into that subject to educate ourselves and members
  • Another suggestion was to come up with a letter to be sent to local restaurants asking them to provide at least one vegan meal besides a lettuce salad and french fries.  If they would be willing to do so we would add their restaurant name to our list we provide our members.   More discussion next month. 

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