Diet and Climate Committee Minutes Jan 2015


Meeting minutes: 1/29/2015

Our animal agriculture committee has met twice and exchanged dozens of emails. I was inspired after watching “Cowspiracy” which you can now get from our library.

Jennifer Jordon from the city joined us at our last meeting. We also invited Becky Ross since she worked with Jen on the plastic bags project. Thanks to those 2 for joining us. Our regular members were all there: Pat Bowen, Carole Buchmiller, Claudia Barber, Lynn Gallagher, Jan Stephen and Katharine Nicholson.

Jen Jordan has gotten us permission to place posters on the buses free as a non-profit. We have decided that our first poster should read

Save the planet –one plant-based meal at a time

Now we need someone out there to volunteer to design the poster. I can do Word fonts and sizes, but that’s all I know. The poster mock-up should be 11 inches high and up to 17 inches wide. Anyone? Maureen will help if we can’t find anyone else.

Also, Lynn has put a lot of time into additions to our Resourses tab on the website. If you don’t read anything else, go for this one: Livestock’s Long Shadow Summary  I think we can trust the UN to be honest with us. This report is from their Food & Agriculture Organization.

Hover over the tab “Resources” and click on “Articles” It’s the first line there or just click on the above link.

or just cut and paste this:

Also, Lynn and Pat are finding out for us what local restaurants are offering vegan choices. It’s also a good way to be in their face that this is important. Hover of tab Resources and click on Restaurants.


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