Bag Committee Meeting Notes, July 15, 2015

Notes from the Bag Committee meeting Wed. July 15, 2015

Attend: Mary Kirkpatrick, Jan Blake, Molly Stroh, Becky Ross, Donna Rupp, Deb Schoelerman

1. Pledge cards to be signed by fair-goers promising to eliminate the use of plastic bags

were approved and it was decided 600 would be printed. They can be used for future

events as well. Becky would take care of the printing.

Cards would be collected and follow-up emails would be sent to check on pledgers resolve.

2. Little “BYOB bag” badges would be given to those who signed the pledge cards. We will

gather at Becky’s house Monday, 7/20 @10:00 to make the badges. Those coming were

asked to bring scissors.

3. Guidelines for 100 Grannies environmental awards were discussed. It was decided that

the number of these characteristics found in a business was not as much of a factor as

the level of commitment to sustainability. The criteria used may include:

a. Presence of a plastic bag reduction policy, ie. there is a  charge for the plastic bag, a

reward for bringing a reusable bag, or some other incentive, such as donations to a


b. Use of biodegradable food containers

c. Sharing with their patrons their commitment to fostering sustainability.

d.  Use of renewable energy

e. Taking significant steps to reduce practices that are environmentally detrimental

f. Training and insisting that all employees support the business’s commitment to


It was noted that the new Lucky’s uses  a token system to make donations to one of 3

charities chosen by the shopper.

Mary offered copies of  letters to each of the local Hy-Vees asking them to eliminate

plastic bags at check-out. They will be taken to the next general Grannies meeting for

more signatures.

4. In spite of a request to desist by Janet Razbadouski, President of the New Pioneer

Board, the bag committee agreed they would go ahead with a membership petition to

eliminate the availability of single-use plastic bags at check-out and to study reduction of

use of plastic throughout the store. This decision is subject to Steering Committee

approval. We are, however, willing to withhold the petition if New Pi voluntarily commits

to elimination of the single-use plastic bags at check-out. There is a July 26th deadline for

collecting petition signatures. All must be New Pi members. No decision was made about

speaking at the next New Pi Annual meeting.

5. Next meeting is August 19 at 10:00 , Sycamore Mall by Panera.

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