Bag Committee Meeting Notes, April 15, 2015

Bag Committee Minutes April 15, 2015 Members present: Becky Ross, Nancy Ross, Maureen Arensdorf, Mary Kirkpatrick, Jan Blake

Becky and Deb told the group about the recent Reusable bag event held in the ped mall. We had partnered with the University of Iowa Student Environmental Coalition to give out reusable bags to people who brought their used plastic bags. The students were very helpful and bold about approaching people who were carrying plastic bags and having them repack their purchased items in a reusable bag. They also got quite a few signatures on a pledge sheet.

Becky shared a framed Environmental Award certificate that will be given to Yotopia on April 22. Thank you to Maureen and Donna Rupp for getting this done. We will be giving out an award monthly. We named several businesses we should consider for next month: Fin & Feather, Panera, Arby’s, Milios, Bluebird Diner, Aldi’s, New Pi, Banditios and even (maybe) HyVee, because they recycle their plastic.

Becky mentioned there is a Craft Fair at East Side Recycling Center on April 19th. We will be there from noon till 3:00. Becky and Mary will be doing a 30 minute demonstration on mending. We do not have to be present at the display the whole time.

We talked about having another bag sewing date and invite a sorority to join us. Becky will contact Breona Carroll to see if she could give us a contact person and get a date set.

We also talked about the elementary field trip of Hills and Mark Twain students to River Junction. Maureen and Deb will work on the program. We thought that Oil and Water could be our theme. Please save any plastic (square) jars you may have for some of the activities. Becky will contact Carol Sweeting about what we are doing and ask what other groups are doing so that we don’t duplicate.

We revisted the proposed resolution to be presented to MPOJC and ultimately each city council. The resolution is: Because single use plastic bags threaten our environment by cloggin our waterways, endangering our wildlife, overburdening our landfills, and increasing our dependence on fossil fuels; we the _____________city council resolve to eliminate single use plastic bags by Earth Day, April 22, 2016. We decided to leave out (move toward eliminating) because they can change the statement, we are just proposing this one. Becky Ross will ask Susan Mims how we can get on the agenda for the May 5th meeting and check to see if we can get on the May 12th Coralville agenda. Maureen will contact North Liberty to see if we can get on their June 9th agenda. Becky checked to see when the next MPOJC meeting is. (looking at their April 1st minutes they have set a tentative date for May 27th).

Becky suggested a letter writing campaign to all the grocery stores about eliminating plastic bags. Deb will work on a basic letter that we can pass around at our regular meeting. This letter could be changed a bit by each person to make it more personal.

Next meeting: May 20, 10:00 am at Sycamore followed by trip to River Junction (for all those who are helping) so we will have to keep the meeting short. Becky Ross

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