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Barbara Schlachter’s letter outlining our goals:

Dear Mayor Throgmorton and Members of the Iowa City Council,
The 100Grannies for a Livable Future wish to respond to your desire for suggestions for making Iowa City a better place to live.  We were pleased to read the article by the Mayor in the Press Citizen  and began to assemble this list.
They are not in any particular order of importance to us.  We think they are all important and some are much easier to accomplish than others.
1–Elimination of single-use plastic bags and styfrofoam products.
2–Elimination of pesticides and fertilizers from all public spaces; intensive education of private home owners
3–Recycling available at all apartment buildings currently not serviced
4–Curbside composting
5–Carbon neutrality in all new buildings; transition to renewable energy
6–Expansion of public transportation rather than expansion of roads and highways
7–Opportunities to discuss  items before council before the council has already made up its mind.
8–Careful use of TIF funding; review of existing procedures.
If we can help with any of these items, we stand ready.  We also know that we are not the only citizens who support these action items.
Many thanks and all the best to you,
Barbara Schlachter 7 Glenview Knoll NE Iowa City 52240  319-351-4380


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