March, 2018, Lecture Series

Barbara Schlachter Memorial Lecture Series: Stories from Brave Mother Earth Protectors

Fee: none. No registration. Open to All Ages
Mondays, 3/5 – 3/26
6:30 – 8 PM in room 202

Presenter: for a Livable Future

3/5: Jerry Schnoor, “Climate Change and Policy”
In this talk, we will investigate the most recent effects of climate change and discuss how to mitigate and adapt to it. In addition, the latest developments on policy, both nationally and internationally will be discussed. Jerry Schnoor is a Professor of Environmental Engineering and Co-Director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research.

3/12: Del Holland and Carolyn Dyer, “Iowa City Cohousing, the First Cohousing Community in Iowa”
Topics we will address are: the concept and brief history of cohousing in the United States and the roles it serves in maintaining an interdependent community for those who live there; the development of Prairie Hill, the community Iowa City Cohousing is building; the opportunities it provides for Iowa City folks, and how it will contribute to workforce housing and serve as a model in Iowa City of sustainable living. Del is a retired teacher who worked in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids school districts. He is also active in environmental and sustainability organizations. Carolyn is a professor emerita of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa.

3/19: Tim Dwight, “Solar Power: The Second Coming or Powering the World on Solar”
Tim’s solar energy journey began in 2008. He became involved with Integrated Power Corporation from Novato, CA, after leaving the NFL. Being involved in the day-to-day operations of iPower, researching and asking fundamental questions regarding solar’s growth potential, he has become passionate regarding solar. Direct legislative advocacy brought Dwight back to Iowa. He travels around Iowa with his trailer, educating people about solar and how it is cost effective. Come listen to Tim’s journey and hear about his solar energy companies. Tim Dwight is a Solar Energy Advocate with Integrated Power Corporation and President of Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association.

3/26: Suzan Erem, “Leaving a Healthy Farm Legacy: SILT’s Impact on Future Generations”
Escalating land prices jeopardize the hard work that has built our vibrant farmers’ markets, locally-sourced restaurants, Community Supported Agriculture and food co-ops. But without immediate and lasting action, local healthy food will become a passing fad. The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust is making it forever instead, through permanent protection of the land for sustainable food farming. Hear from one of SILT’s founders how this 3-year-old organization has already changed lives and local economies and how its mission will improve public health and the environment for generations to come. Suzan Erem is the president and co-founder of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust, launched in January 2015 to permanently protect land to grow healthy food.

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